Advantages Of Being Innocent

Today I thought to write this post because I experience this . When I say ‘I know ‘ ; people feel jealous of mine . When I say ‘I don’t Know ‘ ; people guide me , people care me ; people help me . They guide me as I am new . When I say ‘ I know ‘ , they compete , they jealous and they  treat as an innocent new comer ; they love me as an innocent boy . Now tell me which Identity is better ‘Expert ‘ or ‘ Innocent ‘ .

When I say ‘ I know ‘  ;I feel more pressure and responsibility on me .  When I say ‘I don’t know ‘ , I feel very light ; I feel more humble and polite and away from all egos . I love this state of mind . Saying ‘ I don’t know’ give me more peace of mind . It makes me a student , and people around me as my teacher . So respect them as my guide .

I determined that now I will not speak but I will let my works speak .

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