Fortune Favours The Brave

Fortune Favours The Brave

The brave never see what their horoscope is before starting their day, they start their day as per their schedule and put their efforts 100% towards making their day the best possible. They never blame their past or depend on their future. They live in their present in the best possible way, and fortune favours them.

Heavy rains or hot sun or chilled, cold weather never discourage them; brave people make these adverse conditions their friends. They love the company of these adversities.

These adverse conditions make them strong and tough. They become men of determination. They have the ability to change their stars. Their defeats also prove to be blessings for them.

Cowards cry when they face hardships, whereas the brave smile on them and combat and defeat them or make them their friends.

Opponents or adversities also love those who accept them, who fight with them as brave people. Cowards and losers are those who accept their defeat in the beginning of the combat that is their life. Cowards and losers are hated by not only themselves but also by their enemies; whereas, the brave and courageous people celebrate their defeats. Why do they celebrate their defeats? Because their defeats teach them more than their wins.

Love thy problems, smile on circumstances, see how nature arranges things for your best performance on the stage of world.


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