Orientation day Programme

3 Points for Successful Orientation Day Programme


Let’s see Do’s and Don’ts on Orientation Day Programme

orientation day programme

What is the concept of orientation day?

The orientation day’s key purpose is to introduce the annual program. The main purpose of this activity is to make the parents familiar, with all academic and non-academic activities. The rules and regulations of the institutes, and guidelines they should follow during the full academic years.

Why is it important?

To have smooth and proper co-ordination among staff, parents and students. Because if on very first day they (Parents/students) will come to know the clear picture of full year programme, they will be well organised and well prepared. This will create convenience for all, so orientation day is important and teachers and all other staff because their time and energy will be saved, because most of the parents and students have similar questions, it becomes too tough to answer same questions individually.

How to plan for orientation day?

Organizer of this programme , should have clear picture of annual planning and then he should write down all the rough details on a paper and in case of any doubts or confusion , should contact to concerned authority in advance .

1.Meeting points, which must be included in orientation day meeting?

  1. Agenda of the meeting: For different school, it will be different, it depends on several factors like location of the school, their parents’ education (this doesn’t mean formal education or degrees, here mean educated behaviour). Agenda of the meeting should be informed to the attendees. (if their institute permit for this ) , because this will save time and meeting will be on the topic (which are more important ).
  2. Time to contact the staff:  This has become most important point, parents should be informed well in advance, when and how to contact the teachers or non-teaching staff. If school is online, then also it should be followed because in order to maintain productivity and work in time, everything should be done during school hours and during working days.
  3. Evaluation pattern :
  4. Rules and Regulations
  5. Fee details
  6. Online and offline activities.

2.How to prepare for the orientation day program?

You should know your audience?

Speakers on this day, should know a little bit about his audience, their background, language and understanding level. So, that, attendees could understand what they are hearing and it’s about which topic.  These details, we can get from admission forms, which parents have filled at the time of admission.

Should you prepare Power Point Presentation?

orientation day programme

It depends on the organiser; if he is comfortable then he can do so. Because there are so many ways to conduct orientation day program, if he is an adept speaker with good memory, then he can do even without power point presentation.

    I want to make it very clear, why we need Power Point Presentation. We need power point presentation, so that no point should be missed and meeting should be on track as per the agenda set in prior. That’s it.

What are qualities of good power point presentation?

It should have slide numbers, and logo of the organisation. Appropriate icons, relevant to the topic or points because all people don’t understand 100% on orientation day, so they understand with the help of icons. Audience could imagine what topic is going on with the help of icons.

3.Post activities:

Attendance should be tallied with the details available in the office.  Do you have emails of parents, so that minutes of the meeting, could be emailed to them. Will it be possible to provide them audio or video recording of the meeting? Ask for the genuine feedback .

Should we allow them to provide feedbacks anonymously?

orientation day programme

Yes, because this will make them (parents) more comfortable writing sincere feedback after orientation day. Such sincere anonymous feedback will help to evaluate your education institute in a better way. I mean there should option to comment anonymously. If you have some more additional points to be considered, please let us.

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Orientation day programme
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