5 harmful effects of air pollution


Indoor use of chemicals –

When it comes to air pollution, most of the time people focus on the polluted air outside our homes; little do we realize that the air inside our very own homes can be harmful. The pollution which is caused inside the house can indeed be as harmful as the outdoor pollution. Deodorants, perfumes and the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) which are mostly found in paints are the common causes of some sickness.

These are some of the most common causes for respiratory illness and lung disease as it causes the air to get polluted, making it easier for people to fall prey to various other illnesses.

air pollution
air pollution

These harmful chemicals can affect pets, the aged and the young generation.

The main agents of indoor pollution are paints, smoking, heaters , coal powder, hobby crafts and many more. Indoor pollution has caused around 4 million premature deaths across the world.

Making sure that children breathe healthy and fresh air is the most basic element in order to keep sickness away in the long run.

Children who breathe unhealthy air suffer from lung disease and the aged suffer from bronchitis, pneumonia and asthma.

Farm activities

The activities which are carried out on the farms also have a serious impact on each of our lives. Fertilizers and pesticides which are mostly used for farming activities in order to protect the crops from insects and worms can indeed be harmful for living beings.

Most of these pesticides and fertilizers are mixed with chemicals which helps the crops to produce fruits quickly.

Burning of garbage and medical waste on open grounds

The garbage which is burnt in the open air has tremendous effects to those living around in that area. Mumbai is considered the second largest dumping ground after Delhi. Burning of waste on the open grounds can cause various health problems like cancer, liver sickness, problems in reproduction, and serious effects on the nervous system.

When the garbage is burnt in the open it releases soot , black carbon and carcinogens.

This also affects the greenhouse which results in drastic climatic changes which are noticed even in today’s world.

Further it causes skin problems, heart disease , respiratory illness and in the worst cases even asthma, sometimes even breathing problems, feeling of nausea and timely headaches.

Decaying of microbial

Chemical mills, textile industries and manufacturing industries released large amounts of carbon dioxide, chemicals, organic compounds and hydrocarbons in the process of creating their products.

Fungi and bacteria play an important role in the biochemical cycle of nature. These are some of the main elements of some of the major environmental problems.

When these elements which are present in nature decay they release methane gas which is very toxic for human beings as well as animals. Living beings who breathe this dangerous air can lead to their death.

When these microbes are present in the air they can cause asthma aggression, irritation in the nose, throat and eyes and some of the major skin allergies.

Industrial outputs

The activities which are carried out by industries affect the air quality. CO , SO2 , NO2 are some of the major elements which is released from factories which use wood and coal as the most primary source in the production of their goods and services.

Some of the most common health issues which arise due to industrial pollutants are breathing problems , chronic illness , irritation in the throat and sometimes even eyes, asthma, bronchitis and at the worst sometimes even asthma attacks.

Hydrocarbons and CO2 are some of the most harmful chemicals which are released from large factories and industries. In the long run they cause serious problems to the greenhouse.

This causes the heat to remain within the atmosphere of the earth .

In order to serve the large population the amount of industries and factories are increasing and the amount of pollution too is on a rise.

This climatic change is observed in each decade as the temperature of the earth rises by 1 degree.


The rate at which air pollution rises is high and this issue has to be addressed with timely measures. It not only damages the orderly functioning of a human body but also has drastic effects in nature.

Some of the measures which can be adopted are conserving the energy for a bright and healthy future, inculcating the habit of recycling, reusing and reducing and most importantly use of public transport whenever necessary instead of private vehicles.

air pollution
air pollution

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