5 important aspects of women empowerment

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Women empowerment can be defined as a society where women have equal rights in terms of
college, organizations, schools and the country at large.

Gender equality should be considered the most important human right. She should be
entitled to live a dignified and free life without the fear of male domination. Empowering female
can also help the world get rid of poverty, this will ensure equality for all sections of the world.
They contribute to the well being of the entire family and the community at large.

Gender equality is considered the primary goal in order to achieve the well being of the entire
society. Yet in many sections of the world we find that she has been discriminated, violated
and denied their basic rights. Girls and female face lot of rises after being harassed and
troubled, most of them do not have the courage to voice out because they are considered the
weaker section of the society.


They bear all the insults and humiliation on a quite in the fear of the outcome. Thus every female needs to understand their rights in order to live a dignified and worthy
life just like that of the male population.

Having equal rights encourages a woman to be independent and make her own decisions which
cater to the well being of her life. The position of a female in Indian society is still backward in
spite of the laws put down by the authorities. Even though Indians have come a long way in
improving the status and condition of female, there are some sections of the Indian society that
have not improved on the treatment and betterment of females.

Women should not be considered the meek and weak section of the society as they occupy
almost half of the Indian population. They are considered the strength of the country and should
not be considered any less.

Women are considered to have patience and handle any situation with understanding and
dedication. This nature can help resolve conflict and bring about peace in the world.
According to the UN there are five sections to women’s empowerment.

1) Self worth in women
2) Rights to options
3) Right to access resources and opportunities
4) Right to have the power to control their lives
5) Ability to influence social change

India is usually considered a traditional bound country, known to be strict for its traditions,
customs, heritage, religion, geography and culture. On the other side it is known to be a male
dominated country, which means that it strictly follows the patriarchal system of society.

Women are considered an essential priority in the Hindu household, even though some sections
of Indian society do not treat women with the respect and courtesy they deserve.
During traditional times they were kept entirely ignorant and were denied their rights. Most of
them were confined to only the four walls of the kitchen and were not given the freedom they

Hindus mostly consider the earth as their Bharat- Mata, this word would be really meaningful if
the people of India treated women with dignity and respect. Indians should work towards saving
and maintaining the well being of every girl child.

Today, there is a pressing need to make women understand and realize their rights, so as to
make them independent individuals in their field of work.

Women give birth to children which ensures the futures of the nation. In this case women would
be at a better level and position in the upbringing and development of a child. Women can be
the powerful sector, instead of being under the control of the male domination.

There are many organisations and institutions which promote which promote the legal rights of a
women. There has to be an awareness about such organisations in order to help each women
to become aware of their rights.

Despite the advancement in most sectors women are still more illiterate and ignorant as
compared to the male population. They are less active in politics and are most likely victims of
domestic violence. As a women plans her family in the same way she can plan her own life
instead of being the dependent sector.


A women should have her own voice in decision making regarding how many kids to reproduce,
the spacing of her children and she should have the courage to stand firm when faced with discrimination. She should she the freedom to participate more freely and willingly in society
activities instead of taking the consent of the male sector.


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