Positive affirmations

Positive Affirmations: 1 Most Powerful Effect

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Why do we need positive affirmations?

” I’m done. I’m quitting. ”

“I believe in myself. I can do it”.

How do you feel reading both the thoughts? The first quote might have left you to drown in self-pity and loathing, as you think about all the past shortcomings. While the second one might have rendered you feeling positivity and motivation, with a burning passion to do something.

That is exactly the power of thoughts. In a moment it can make you feel like a scumbag on the Earth and the very next, it makes you feel like a King of the Universe.

The wake of the current scenarios with growing uncertainty of life, with nothing but sorrow and despair all around us, has negative and depressing effects on our minds, sending our brains to an overwhelming frantic mess. In times like these, positive affirmations are the spark of hope.

They are like stars twinkling in the sky, only prominent in the darkness of night. They let you draw that inner strength residing deep in yourself, the one you weren’t aware of.

The positive affirmations fill you up with confidence and determination to pull yourself through, make you believe in yourself, give you an optimistic outlook on the circumstances and so much more.

Saying to yourself “I can do this”, or “I trust myself”, or “My limitations know no bounds, can have an impactful effect on your personality.

These affirmations can not only fill you up with positivity and optimism but also give you a sense of relief. They can give our consciousness a boost of confidence, provide us with the strength to battle with self-detrimental thoughts or circumstances and indirectly heal and power up our subconsciousness.

They can make them from shy, timid, stuttering, self-deprecating to confident, brazen, outspoken, self-appreciating souls. From a person running from his fights to a person facing his most dreaded demons. From someone with a restless, reckless and frantic mind to a calm, relaxing, soothing one.

Positive Affirmations when used wisely and habitually can shape an individual’s personality.

As the author, Joseph Murray said in his book ‘ The Power of Your Subconscious Mind ‘, – ” The only path by which another person can upset you is through your thoughts. “

Yashvi Pansari

I'm a Bachelor's of Physiotherapy student, with a keen interest to write. I believe words inspire more and talk louder than action. For you might forget one's actions, but words forever remains.