The Role of Compositions in Education

Languages Power Point Presentation

What is the main objective of including compositions in our curriculum?
Please take a moment to think about this, before you read on.
The main objectives of learning language education, is to develop
1.      the skill of ‘self-expression’
2.      creativity
3.      imaginative power
4.      and an enriched vocabulary.
But the above objectives are sometimes very difficult to achieve, why is this?
I thought about it, and I believe the root lies in primary education.
When children are very young, more stress is given to rote-learning and learning things by heart. If we have to teach an essay on ‘The Cow’, instead of giving them a ready-made passage on ‘The Cow’, we ask the child to recall the image of a cow, or to bring in the model of one, if possible, and inspire them to speak about it. It is okay if they make mistakes, and it is better than that ready-made essay.
Some teachers and parents see the syllabus, and try to find out which compositions are going to come up in the exam. They then try to make their kids mug up those compositions.  If this is done, how can we lay down a strong foundation in creative writing?

How would Shakespeare, Milton, and Tagore have created?

How to teach them to write compositions:
1.      Ask questions; make them think.
2.      Give them sufficient time. If any child requests more time for thinking, give it to them.
3.      Tell them to write their ideas on paper with pencils. Then arrange those ideas in sequence. Use appropriate words, and give examples to support the points. A good writer is a good reader, so tell them to read as much as possible. Writing skills will develop slowly and steadily.
4.      Teach them in order to make them learn, not in order to complete a syllabus.
5.      Start from the first day of the month on a topic. You will be happy that you could teach them in the desired way, and you will receive self-satisfaction with your teaching.
6.      Every task needs planning, so if you plan your daily schedule properly, you implement it with your will-power.
There are now many competitive exams, like IAS, and UPSC, or exams organized by world level companies, that have essay writing and group discussions in their curriculum. Therefore, ‘writing skill’ play a vital role in an individual’s life long after school has finished.

Sunil Kushwaha

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