FAQs(about 25% reservation) for primary education in India & Maharashtra

FAQs (25% Reservation) 1. Despite many people and schools all over India objecting to the 25% reservation provision, why was it incorporated in the RTE Act?   2. Which schools in Maharashtra are expected to implement the 25% Free Reservation provision?   3. Which groups of children are eligible in Maharashtra for admission under the 25% Free Reservation provision?  … Read more →

Some Frequently Asked Questions about Dise Code

What is Habitation ? A habitation is a distinct cluster of houses with a local name. It is a centre where people live in a compact and contiguous manner. How the CRCs can verify or cross check the information/data received from Private schools  ? The CRCs can cross check the information from the school registers and also check the data… Read more →

What is Unified Dise (U-Dise )Code ?

A 11 diigit Unified-dise code consists : District Code: A four-digit district code is allotted to your district. This code is available with the state office and will be shared with all districts. Each district will carry a unique identification code. This code shall remain constant for all future purposes. Separate codes may become necessary after the reorganization of district… Read more →

Scholarship Results Declared !

To See High School Scholarship Result(7th std) please click here To see Middle School Scholarship Result (4th std) please click here  Congrats to all successful candidates ! I would like to quote a quotation , ” I feel happy when winners cry and losers try !” It is a journey , it is not achieved by co-incidents but by a… Read more →