Scholarship Results Declared !

To See High School Scholarship Result(7th std) please click here To see Middle School Scholarship Result (4th std) please click here  Congrats to all successful candidates ! I would like to quote a quotation , ” I feel happy when winners cry and losers try !” It is a journey , it is not achieved by co-incidents but by a… Read more →

3rd grade Environment study

For 3rd standard environment study subject should not be divided into two separate parts like EVS 1 and EVS 2 but they should be treated as single integrated subject as ‘Environment study’ . It’s total marks is 100 . So dear teachers please don’t bother  about dividing the environment study of 3rd standard into EVS1 and EVS2 .    

Art Education: Primary Education Curriculum 2012

The following power point presentation provides the different units for art education (Features and weightage) for 4th std ( For every power point , a download link is given below every ppt in red colored font , simply click on it ) Art Education PPT I To download above power point simply click on link given below : art education… Read more →