3 main modes of transportation



The basic meaning of transportation is transferring someone or something from one place to the
other. The most commonly used means of are se, road and air.
Road transportation – there are many types of road transport depending on which mode of
transport which is preferred by the company in order to deliver and supply their products.

Rail transportation – this is the most dependable mode of transportation for bulky goods. Rail
transportation is mostly not affected by weather conditions, unlike road and sea ways. Trains
are capable of running in an orderly manner even in rains and snow. Trains mostly have a fixed
schedule and are more certain to function regularly as compared to other modes of transport.
Most other modes of traveling have limited capacity for goods and services but rails can
accommodate large crowds of people by adding more wagons. Rails can provide an opportunity
for both unskilled and skilled workers.

It is often a door to door service that makes it the core of the transportation industry, as this is
something no other modes can provide .
In road transport, routes and timings can be adjusted and changed to suit individual
requirements with ease. This naturally gives road transport a great edge over all other modes of
transport that follow rigid and inflexible time and route schedules.

The risk of damage to goods is considerably lessened due to the elimination of intermediate
loading and handling of goods. Hence, road transport is most suited for transporting fragile
goods like chinaware and glassware, which risk getting damaged or broken easily during the
process of loading and unloading. One time loading and unloading is the desired format for
fragile goods. And road transport is the ideal transport for this.

The process of packing in road transport is less complicated and much less elaborate. Cargo
transported by road transport does not require to be over packed to go through intermediate
handling. Hence, less to no major packing is needed. Here again the packing costs are much
lower in road transport than in other modes of transport.

Road transport is most flexible and adaptable with an outreach into the most remote areas that
are inaccessible by rail, air or water. Hence, road transport is most suited for carrying goods and
people to and from rural areas which are not served by rail, water or air transport. Hence,
transport of cargo between large towns and small villages is possible only through road

The only disadvantage of rail transport is that when there is a delay in product delivery, it can
take much more time to be delivered than other modes of transport.

Seaways transportation –
Seaways transport takes much more time for products to be delivered than other transportation
modes, but this does not matter when the product does not have to be delivered on an urgent
basis. This can be a great benefit for those looking to ship bulky goods. Marine transportation is
often much cheaper as compared to the rest as one does not have to worry about the road
taxes and tolls.

The only disadvantage of marine ways is that one cannot track the exact location of the goods
when it is in the transit phase.


Customers often track their shipment or order after a few days of placing the order and not
being able to track their purchased product can in a way affect their purchasing decision.

Air transportation –
Air transportation can be very useful for the following reasons – it is fast, convenient and does
not have to compare with natural barriers. While road delivery of goods is the easiest and
cheapest way for delivery of products, airways is the best mode of transport for freight goods. It
is considered the best mode of transportation for perishable goods as their validity is for a
limited span of time.

Air transportation does not have to pay for the infrastructure just like railways and other travel
modes, they fly freely. A person does not not have to spend the initial cash building a pathway to
your destination for it to get there. The lack of barriers also means that it’s accessible to all
areas, regardless the obstruction of land.
The only disadvantage of planes is that it can be affected easily due to harsh weather conditions
such as rains, storms and winds. An important shipment can be delayed due to adverse


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