2 basic types of businesses



The basic meaning of business can be defined as an entity that is engaged in industrial,
commercial and professional activities. The main and basic purpose of a business organization
is to ensure smooth functioning of goods and services. Business can also refer to the efforts
put in by an individual in order to ensure smooth functioning of the organization which in return
will help in the sales of the company.

small and large scale business
small and large scale business

Two of the most common and successful business firms are Walmart and Apple.

The term entity refers to the business of professional, commercial and industrial firms. Business
is often carried out according to the business plan which is drafted by experts in the firm. It
is a formal plan which highlights the goals and aims of the firm in order to work accordingly
to ensure smooth functioning.

Business plans are the most essential element when one wants
to borrow capital in order to start off a business from scratch. The legal structure of a business
firm is the most important factor when owners may need to secure the license and registration
process. Most businesses operate to create profits.

Small vs large business – the best part of the workforce has marked its progression in moving
from small businesses to large ones due to the advancement of technology and economy. Due
to this factor there are many advantages such as future growth of an individual and higher
chances of promotion. On the other hand, the negative side of this factor is that there would be
less engagement among employees due to the larger crowd.

In a large scale company, an individual is mostly defined to the task which he or she may be
good at, this ensures growth of the company as many operations are carried on during the
limited span of time. Large businesses and companies are considered to provide more
opportunities and growth development skills for the individual which in return will help them to
climb the ladder of leadership and gain experience for their future job.

Traditionally most of the business and earning was done on a small scale, in spite of this people
were satisfied with their daily income.
Today we have noticed a shift in this sector, as most of the workforce has shifted from a small
business scale to larger business co operations.

On the other hand working for large corporate companies can have drawbacks of its own.
Having a strict organizational structure, the employees are supposed to follow a strict pattern of
living without any exclusion. Most of the time they are not able to make decisions for their own
lives as they have to work in order to reach the goal of the company in order to earn their daily

For example some people find it easier to find solutions for some aspects and problems but they
are not able to voice out as they have to stick to the existing norms and conditions.
Most of the time people working in corporate companies are not able to have a personal
approach as they are most of the time considered to be a part of the long chain working towards
the benefit and profits of the company.
It is most of the time noticed that people working for large and well known corporate companies
have less opportunities to grow professionally. Such drawbacks have weakened an individual’s
personal growth.

Present day workers most of the time work to pursue a well known firms. Big
companies offer job opportunities which often tend to be stressful. Large firms depend on
their workers to uphold their firms , in this process most of the workers are exploited to work
beyond their potential.

Career advancement is the best advantage of working for such companies as there is a high
chance of developing one’s skills and knowledge.
On the contrary people have to undergo tremendous stress and pressure while working. They
have to work under strict schedules and most due to this factor they are not able to spend
enough time with their loved ones.


To keep up with the demands of the market most of the companies drive the employees beyond
their limitations and potential. Their high expectations have a great impact on the mental and
physical well being of the employees.


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