4 ways for great Mental Health awareness


Introduction to mental health

Every year mental health day is observed on 10th October. Mental health is not just a concept which refers to an individual’s psychological and emotional well-being; rather it is a state of psychological and emotional well- being where an individual is able to use their emotional and cognitive capabilities to meet the ordinary demands and the demands of society. One’s mental health affects how they think, act and feel to any given situation. There are many factors which contribute to a person’s mental health condition such as ability to handle stress level, maintaining relationships, family pressure and so on.

It would also include recovering from difficult situation and the ability to be able to bounce back to a healthy lifestyle. A person’s mental health can affect their daily life activities, physical health and their relationship with their family and friends. Proper mental health results in proper mental functioning that result in productive activities, maintaining a healthy and fulfilling relationship with people and having the ability to cope and adapt to adversity.

There are many campaigns held around the world to make people understand the value of their mental health and how one can diagnose mental health issues at an early stage, rather than facing miserable outcomes. Most of these awareness programs have come up with some positive outcome which has indeed helped people to deal with such situations.
Health literacy plays a major role in the life of an individual. Mental health stigma mostly has a negative outcome in most societies, but the mere fact is that one needs to understand that their mind and soul plays utmost importance in orderly body functioning and thus needs to be taken care of.

Though the working of a corporate sector may sound glamorous due to its timely functioning, there are some corners of offices where employees suffer tremendous mental health conditions due to the pressure at their workplace. Thus it is necessary for companies to keep a check on their employees’ mental health.
Most of the mental issues are an outcome of discrimination, poor working condition, physical illness, stressful situations and so on. Most people suffering from mental health illness will show symptoms such as low energy levels, isolating themselves from the world, fighting, losing their temper, stubborn behavior etc.

Most teenagers fall prey to various drugs and alcohol as they are not able to cope up with the stress levels, such activities lead to further damage to their mental, physical and emotional well-being. Taking utmost care of one’s mental health will keep sickness away and will enhance the lifespan of an individual. It has been researched that less than 20% teenagers have been diagnosed with mental health illness.

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Different types of mental disorders-

1.1 Depression – Depression is the result of loss of interest, sadness, low self-esteem, tiredness and poor concentration. People with depression may also have multiple physical complaints which may or may not affect the physical cause of their health. Depression may cause a hindrance to the person’s ability to function at school or at their work place. In extreme cases an individual may commit suicide when he/she is not able to cope up with the current situation.

1.2 Dementia – Dementia is usually the chronic and progressive nature in which there is deterioration in the cognitive function (the ability to process thought). It affects the thinking, memory, learning capacity, judgement and language level of an individual.

1.3 Bipolar effective disorder – This disorder affects about 60 million of the population worldwide. It consists of manic and depressive episodes along with periods of normal mood. Manic mood includes irritable mood, over activity, pressure of speech and a decreased need for sleep.

1.4 Schizophrenia and other psychoses – Schizophrenia is a mental condition that approximately affects 23 million of the people across the globe. It is characterized by distortion in thinking, emotions, language, perception and behavior.


The biggest problem today is that the discovery of mental health is often followed by hesitation and denial to seek help for the concerned victim. Despite the world upgrading in various fields, the mindset of most people remains stagnant when it comes to the care and concern of a person’s mental health. Today an individual’s mental health treatment is often considered a taboo and a social burden for the family and society. So there is a pressing need to educate people about the reality that mental illness is more important than anyone’s thought and opinion.

This article is an eye opener to all those teenagers and adults to keep a check on your mental health as it is much more important and valuable than one’s physical appearance.


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