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Introduction to animal rights and wildlife conservation

As Mahatma Gandhi rightly said, “the greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way it’s animals are treated”

Introduction –

Many great animal rights people are of the opinion that animal’s rights are not so important as the rights of human beings as they are those species that cannot speak and stand up for themselves when inflicted with harm and danger. Emmanuel Kant rightly pointed out that animals are man’s instruments and they deserve protection in order to help humans with their relation with each other.

A person who is cruel to animals also becomes hard in his dealing with other human beings. Almost of us humans agree to the fact that animals should not be tortured and it is considered the duty of an individual to stand up for the rights of an animal of harm is inflicted upon.

animal rights
animal rights

The state has laid down laws which protect animals against cruelty and harm. Criminal penalties should be imposed to those who are transporting animals in cruel or in an inhuman manner. Those travelling with pets in trains, cars and other modes of transport should keep in mind that the animals should be left out of the cage for a while in order to rest and have their timely meals. Those who have abandoned their pets after a short or long period are charged with penalty for violating the rules.

There are various other provision that prohibits human from torturing, harming, beating and killing animals. Sometimes animals suffer due to harsh climate, therefore it should be considered the duty of an individual to provide food and shelter to animals and save their life.

If these provisions are taken seriously by each one of us, then this would do great justice to the lives of animals, thus helping them from suffering and premature deaths.

animal rights
animal rights

The wildlife conservation society brought the limelight to a wide variety of issues that are faced by some species. Some of the burning issues are a rise in land and sea temperature, adverse climatic changes and much more.

As responsible citizens it is our duty to keep a check on global warming and help the earth to gain its vanishing greenery before it’s too late. If we humans fail to take some timely measures, the future of our next generation will be at stake, as they wouldn’t have a chance for existence. Thus it is our take as to how one can contribute in small ways to save our planet Earth and the very existence of our wildlife.

Lack of wildlife and deforestation has contributed to a major loss of our biodiversity. This is an indirect effect on our wildlife conservation as it includes loss of soil and adverse climatic conditions.

Lack of forest conservation and their destruction has led to atmospheric changes, increasing the chances of global warming and decrease in food grain production. Rise in sea temperature affects the coastal creatures resulting in millions of deaths at the same time. The carbon dioxide which we exhale is consumed by the forest and this is one of the major factors that have helped human beings from extinction.

Trees have been worshiped since ancient times, there are instances in which Kautilya’s Arthashastra has engaged in forest conservation. The first Forest  act that came into existence was in the year 1878. The first Forest conservation act was introduced in the year 1980 which stated that 33% forest area in the planes and 60% forest area in the hills should be reserved. The area which is felled should be replaced by the growth of new tress.

Destruction of wildlife on a smaller or larger scale results in loss of life of animals, birds and plants. Of late there are a wide variety of animals and birds species that are getting extinct due to man made destruction and careless use of resources. The list of animals and birds that have become extinct or are near extinction are oxes, musk, sea turtle, rhinos, leopard, shark and many other species of insects.


There should be an alarming alert regarding the conservation of wildlife life. The urban as well as rural population should indulge in preservation of our near to extinct birds and animals. Therefore awareness has to be creating at the grass root level. Each one of us should realize that humans needs wildlife for their very own survival. On the other hand humanity should prevail in all sections of society as all species- be it animal, bird or insect have to right to life without the fear of being killed.

In order to preserve and protect the endangered species it is necessary to realize that we must preserve our existing wildlife. Schools and colleges should encourage the students to take active part in the nature’s club and their main motto should be to conserve the rare and existing species. Wildlife is considered a rare gem and as responsible citizens we must consider it out duty to save the world for a better future.


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