5 dangerous causes of air pollution



The air pollution which was present in the olden times was much healthier and fresh as compared tot hat of the modern world. the air we would breathe would be clear , clean and pure. But the present day air is much more contaminated due to the rise of industrialization and the mixing of poisonous and harmful.

Our mother earth provides us with the most basic elements which are necessary for our survival on earth. But we humans are not appreciative and are ceaselessly using the natural resources to an extent of their extinction.

Air pollution is one of the most highlighted and harmful causes of today’s generation because it is taken for granted and is not brought into control by most of us. It is therefore necessary that every child realizes and learns the importance of air pollution from a very young age in order to become responsible adults for the next generations to come, so that they can live a life without the sickness which is caused by air pollution.

The most simple definition of air pollution can be defined as contamination of the outdoor and indoor atmosphere by physical, chemical and biological beings are the main causes of  the deteriorating air quality. Industrial outputs such as chimneys, motor vehicles which are not serviced from time to time emit smoke which can be harmful for all living creatures and forest fires which are caused due to the careless activities of human beings are some of the common causes which lead to air pollution.

This kind of pollution mostly occurs when chemicals, gasses and harmful particles are released into the air. These harmful and dangerous particles are emitted from vehicles, power plants, construction and factories.

air pollution
air pollution

Sometimes the effect of air pollution can be so threatening that it can be difficult for a person to have a clear vision. Some agents of air pollution are burning fossil fuel, petrol and natural gas.

Some other causes of air pollution are burning of fireworks, firewood and fossil fuel. Things which are burnt in the atmosphere produce oxides of carbon and this same article is released into the surrounding.

During traditional times there used to be many trees and dense forest and this would cause the air to be filtered easily, making it easier for us to breathe in fresh and clear air. Today due to the increasing demand for land and property people have started cutting down trees and this has resulted in deforestation. This activity has reduced the filtration power which trees provide us.

Causes of air pollution

Some of the causes of air pollution are the burning of fossil fuels, harmful pollutants released from factories , burning of firewood, carbon oxides , Chlorofluorocarbons and many other factors.

Some other causes can be waste from agricultural produce, power plants , waste from factories and thermal nuclear plants.

Climatic changes affect wildfire and air pollution. Farms residue is also considered a major cause of polluting the air, as it causes an increase in the PM 2.5 level, this substance mixes with pollen and chemical gas which causes smog. This smog makes the air blurry making it difficult for people to see across, also causing difficulty in breathing

Cars and other vehicles on the road are increasing day by day. Instead of using public transport people prefer to use their own private vehicle.

When the air pollution in the atmosphere is high, this creates a hole in the ozone layer which causes various health problems.

Due to the increase in demand for land many countries and nations are in their development phase which causes them to build an end amount of building to serve the population. Many of the construction sites use bricks and concrete material which causes foul and dust to spread across the atmosphere. This can be very harmful to young children in the development phase, as it can cause respiratory illness which can affect their system in the long run.


These are some of the major causes of air pollution which cause tremendous effects to each one of us. Some of us may not be aware of the cause of illness but some of the most minor and major causes of respiratory sickness arise due to air pollution. Thus it is necessary that each one of us take small measures to control the never ending pollution in order that our future generation can live a healthy and happier lives.

air pollution
air pollution

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