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Books and Libraries: Useful for Happy life

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Importance of books and libraries

A stereotyped thought which runs strong even today is, “books are man’s best friend”, which is indeed true to many of us.

Libraries and books serve as a gateway to knowledge, literacy, and an exchange of ideas among individuals. They help in an exchange of ideas, thus creating a wide network of ideas and different perspectives among people.

Libraries are used for various beneficial purposes such as research materials, providing quality and guaranteed information, on the other hand inculcating the habit of reading from a wide range of books opens one’s mind to a broader spectrum of different cultures. Hence books and libraries have cultural aspects too.

books and libraries

Most of the renowned authors inspire the young mind to read more and reach greater heights, by polishing their intellect. The importance of a library in the smallest village is felt the most, as it adds refinement and a sense of understanding a particular culture. In order to study a particular culture or civilization, it is necessary to study their literature and language, which is considered scientific or philosophical in nature. Books and libraries create an atmosphere for thinking.

Whether one reads the scientific discovery of Newton or the poetic works of Shakespeare, the content in any book sharpens our knowledge about various topics, this leading to an enlightened surrounding.

Different types of books such as mystery and fictional novels carry the reader into a world of deep imagination, this helps one improve their standard of living and how one perceives the world. Reading fictional novels/books teaches one to be brave, inculcate values and always to be humble and thankful. Books and libraries improve the standard of living.

Provides an opportunity for socializing : Books and Libraries

Sitting within the four corners of one’s room and staring at the laptop screen can get boring at times, whereas reading a book in the library can help one socialize with people of different backgrounds by sharing one’s knowledge about similar topics and interests.

Historical books/ novels

Historical books/ novels provide us with an overview of our ancestors, their culture, and civilization, which in a way will help the youth of today to improve on the past mistakes of man for a better present and a successful future.

Travel books

Reading a travelogue can help one understand and imagine a place within the pages of a book. Such books can help one plan a trip/ vacation to the place of his/her liking. Travel books also highlight the cuisine, culture, and etiquettes of a given county, thus making one more aware of a whole new surrounding. Hence, books and libraries should well maintained to have a happy journey.


Plays such as Hamlet by William Shakespeare portray heroic qualities as well as teach one how to be brave and fearless by facing even the most dreadful situation.

Less Importance to libraries

Today most of us have focused our attention on new media and technology, so much so that we have almost forgotten the existence of a library. In today’s world how often does one visit a library as compared to watching a movie?

It is not wrong to say that movies do not really inculcate values in an individual, but the fact is that reading widens one’s intellect and poetic horizons, thus creating a lasting impact on the life of the reader. For instance – if one watches the movie “Silas Marner” along with reading the novel, the content would be better understood by the reader, thus helping the reader to recollect the story in the long run.

The bitter fact is that across the world many libraries have shut down due to the lack of readers. Most of us would prefer to use the information which is easily available across the internet, but do we realize that surfing the internet would lead to straining health-related problems? So, books and libraries are hygienic also.

The major difference between surfing the internet for information and browsing through the pages of a book is that the internet would display what is asked of it, whereas a book would display a variety of facts related to a particular book/topic chosen.

On the other hand, it is important that the library evolves as per the needs of the people, for example – The British Council Library, Kolkata, is considered as one of the best libraries due to the high attendance of individuals. The fact is that this library has a variety of periodicals, books, novels, travelogues and many books which serve the purpose of its readers and are in level with the trending world’s happenings.

So , books and libraries should be well maintained in order to have a developed and progressive nation.


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