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Gods, topics like these, do not have a certain beginning or an end. As the world, despite many theories, remains unknown of what God actually is, I thought of giving my own perspective on it.
It all started in that very moment in our lives where we closed our eyes, some in joy, some in trust, some in confusions, but mostly, in pain and deep desperations, and went in search of a practical body that doesn’t exist or doesn’t exist now.

The World has been having numerous gods since ancient civilizations to this modern world. Now, let’s not talk about if they exist or not. Let’s give a different perspective to the same question.
Alright, who are they? The gods?
We’ll, the answer for this question depends on how you happened to believe in Gods. Everybody has their own reasons or backstories for it. Be careful, those reasons, in the later course, can result in changing you for the good or the opposite or might change your belief itself.

Why do we need Gods

Let’s go deep down to when we were small kids and compare a few situations. Our mothers used to make us stand in front of a god’s picture and would tell, “Pray him for the strength to those challenges you face in your lives”, and other morale things. Isn’t it?
Now let’s see the other day when we are sitting head down, hopeless, sad, depressed, and failed. Somebody comes to us, they hear what’s happening with us, and what do they say? “Don’t worry, God is with you. He’ll never let you off his hands. Now cheer up, let’s go out somewhere” and kind of similar things. Right?

Okay, now the third situation wherein, one day, we’ve overcome a great number of obstacles in our lives and have become successful people after years of struggle. What do we tend to say at times like these? “Thank you, god, if you hadn’t been with me, I wouldn’t have been all these today…” And some similar things. Yes?

Let’s put them all together, at first, our very own mother wanted the empty us, to believe in the inner strength we had. She needed us to focus on something that’d stay with us forever. What’s the thing that stays for a lifetime? It’s our beliefs. She chooses god for us so that we’ll believe it as the focal point of our strength in which we could overcome any damn thing. The smart, yet unknown strategy right?

And now in the second situation which has pain, we got a person chilling us up and saying not to lose hope as Gods would definitely help us somehow. That’s nothing but reminding us of our own strength to achieve it in other words. The third situation now. It’s the joyful one, satisfactory. In there, it’s we thanking ourselves and the strength and hope we had to accomplish success.

Reordering them, we have emptiness, self strength, pain, hope, happiness. Sounds something similar? That’s exactly what our lives are. All these elements constitute our lives and this Constitution is run by beliefs. And sometimes, these beliefs overrun reality and that is when drifts happen between clans, beliefs, communities, overall, between people.

Here we actually come to the topic, why do we need gods? Keeping in mind all the above things, you decide.

Gods are very necessary. Not because they have powers, but because the beliefs in their concepts help us to understand ourselves better. We need positivity to live our lives. This godly concept helps us to blend our emptiness, strength, pain, hope, and happiness into the positivity we need.

Take any examples of any god. They only have those qualities which are either perfect or ideal, not just to one or two, but for the entire universal happiness. Don’t you think even is familiar somehow? The qualities which we’ve shown through them are the ones our elders used to tell us to have. They are trying to make us focus on God in order to realize our own self. As Humans, we have been spending centuries trying to perfect ourselves to the qualities we have prefixed as the qualities of Gods.

The very concept of getting us deeper into understanding ourselves is God. We need a positive force to live our lives. We call it god. We’re not so spiritually perfect to handle our failures and desperations. We need a positive force to redirect us, both mentally and physically. It is God. We need a fence to prevent us in entering the bad, we call it god. We need someone or something that wouldn’t mind when we ask for help. We name it god. We need a push when we slow down. That’s god.

We need the most powerful being on our side. WE BELIEVE IT AS THE GOD.

Sathvik N

Hello dear readers! I, Sathvik N, heartfully thank you for your interest if you're already here. What I want people to understand is that keeping things simple is one of our greatest challenges. It is only achieved either through stupidity or a complete understanding of a series of most complicated thoughts, and it's in the latter I believe. My writings, hopefully, will look upon it while all you have to do is to interpret them in the way you understand and conclude the same in multiple interpretations blended into it. That's what's most closest to "how things should be simple." Do visit the writings, enjoy them and most important, provide a feedback!! You can mail me at sathvyofficial@gmail.com Thank you!! Love n' Peace.