High Instruments for Repurposing Content material

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Step #3 – Teleprompter App After I’ve written the weblog submit, I’ll copy the textual content and add it into the Teleprompter App so I can report a video from that very same piece of content material. Teleprompter App is an app that I bought on my iPhone. They do have a free model, however whenever you report and obtain the video it’s going to have their brand on it. Since I report movies on my telephone I like to make use of the Teleprompter App as an overview for what I have to say.Not solely does it make modifying simpler as a result of I don’t have as many mess-ups as a result of I’ve a script to comply with.Making a weblog submit right into a video is a really highly effective technique to repurpose your content material as a result of it permits your viewers to devour the content material in a distinct technique.I’ve achieved this to create YouTube movies and IGTV movies.Step #4 – VideoShop AppOnce I’ve recorded the video on my telephone, I’ll then edit it inside the VideoShop App in order that I can apply it to completely different platforms.The very first thing I do is edit it for YouTube. As soon as I’ve the video how I need it, I’ll then edit it for different platforms by resizing it.Doing this makes it tremendous straightforward to submit on IGTV or smaller clips on Fb and even my Instagram feed. 


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