How to allocate subjects for students in AEMSEDU

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AEMSEDU is software used for generating marks and results for students. It’s an innovative tool. In this post, I am sharing how to allocate subjects to students. This is important when we don’t want to assign any particular student or subjects. We can select or deselect.

step 1 : Login

Enter user name and password

select section, academic year

Click on examination

click on allocate subjects for students

select standard , division , exam (which is common to all subjects and then click on show )

Click on all subjects and then click on save

When you click on save (or proceed ) then such a screen will appear.

Now in Copy to exam , tool bar , select another tool ( or exam ) then proceed

then after you will see at the right top corner: Record saved successfully

in this way again in ‘Copy to Exam toolbar ‘, you can select another exam and then again click on proceed.

wheter all students are allocated or not successfully, you can check-in, Marks Entry

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