Teach Discipline : For Grand Success in 7 Ways


To Teach Discipline to the kids ; Be Self-Disciplined

The thing which I recommend every parent to teach discipline their kids, is only discipline. It is the foundation of all success.

I want to inform you that you cannot teach anything to your child, if you want to teach anything to your kids, then you be that thing because the child doesn’t know what are you teaching to them but they will learn automatically from themselves, what they see. Children also have self-respect, they also have an ego and no one wants to be dragged.

If you want your child should become something, then I want to inform you that, it’s not within your limit, you cannot do it, Gautam Buddha, Swami Vivekananda, or Sachin Tendulkar are not the result of their parent’s imagination, but they have created themselves. One thing as a parents ; we can do is that ‘We can teach them Discipline .’

What you want teach , you be yourself or else they will learn on their own .

A child doesn’t want that someone should force them to follow them, they also have self-respect or ego, but they are weak in front of your strength, so I want to recommend you that “Be what. you want to teach. “

The foundation of any success is ” Discipline ” , because it is only discipline which makes any normal person a great person .

So , be disciplined if you want to teach discipline to your kids .

I am not saying what profession , you do , but whatever profession you do , keep discipline at the top .

“Work from Home ” is also a disciplined task where more discipline is needed .

I mean children observe your behavior and learn from your daily behavior .

So , if you can teach discipline to your kids; you can Discipline their behavior .

Sunil Kushwaha

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