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How to Increase Your Memory-4 Simple Steps


To get higher marks, you must know how to increase your memory.

1.Associating facts with other facts

You can remember more facts by associating them with your day-to-day life. You will notice that, this way, all difficult things become easy. For example, science is everywhere around us. Ask questions to yourself. Why? How? When?

2. Interconnecting one subjects with other subjects

This questioning will inspire you to learn. Geography and history are correlated with each other. If you look at a map, you will find that dress, food, crops, trade, business … all are interconnected. So is the history and behavior of people. Why did the Industrial Revolution take place only in Europe? Such facts will help you to increase your memory .

3. Effective Revision Techniques

To have a good memory, you must review in a planned way. This willl help you to increase your memory .

Once you understand something, if you don’t review it, you will forget it. Do your first review within one hour, your second review after three hours and your third review before you go to sleep? At least once, review what you have studied throughout the day. Once in a week, review what you have studied throughout the week; then, once a month, fully review what you have studied throughout the month. In this way, the information you learn will enter your long-term memory, and you will never forget it. You won’t have wasted your efforts and time.

4. Practice by writing

For better understanding and to increase your memory you should practice by writing. When you write, you understand better and will remember the information for a longer time. You can create mind maps, pictures, and notes with flow charts. Underline keywords and use colors to highlight the main points. When you use colours, you use both your left brain and your right brain. In this way, you use more mind power. To review more often, you must read faster. To learn how to do this, click on ‘how to read faster.

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