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How to Learn for a Happy Life : 11 Great Tips

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‘How to learn’ is the first thing everyone should learn .

 ‘How to learn’ is the first thing every person should be taught, but I have found that the real-life situation is completely different.

People start learning without knowing ‘why to learn’ or ‘how to learn’. Most people follow or copy others. However, instead, people should try to figure out their ‘own desire’. Without knowing (or knowing their passion), they cannot choose their own careers. Most people compete with others, but by doing this, they lose their own identity. ‘How to learn’ means learning to learn. Let’s look into ‘how to learn’:

  1. Connecting Knowledge: Learn to connect the knowledge of one subject to that of another subject. Do you connect the knowledge of Algebra with Geometry? Do you connect the knowledge of Science with Literature? No. We always assume that Science is different from Literature. However, Science Fiction and Mystery stories are simply applications of scientific knowledge with literature.
  2. Power of Translation: Children should know how to translate words into mathematical equations and how to translate mathematical equations into words. Often, children don’t read questions carefully; when in a hurry, they frame questions incorrectly, so they must be taught how to translate verbal information into equations. This should begin from an early age.
  3. Learn to Ask Questions: Children should be taught to develop new questions on their own. We should inspire them to develop their imaginative powers.
  4. Learn to Predict Questions: Children should be taught to predict the questions they’ll see in their exams.
  5. Link Daily Life with Education: We should inspire children to use education in their daily lives.
  6. Play Every Day: Children should have a stress-free childhood. They should be given full freedom to play, and should be taught the practice of self-discipline.
  7. Memorize With Understanding: Children’s learning can be enlightened by helping them understand texts. Learning with understanding will help them memorize complex principles easily. They should be taught to think logically.
  8. Good Marks Don’t Ensure That You Are Skilled or Educated Fully: Utilizing theoretical knowledge in everyday life is a skill that children must learn.
  9. Love for Learning: Children should fall in love with learning because if they love their studies (learning), they will study on their own. Learning will become a mission for them. They will not give excuses but will put every possible effort into improving themselves.
  10. Learn While You Play: If children love to learn, they will enjoy their schooling. While playing, they will discover how a game is related to their learning, through this process should be natural.
  11. Self-competition: Children should not be compared to others. They should be taught to compete with themselves, to set and chase their own goals.

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