How To Stop Doing Silly Mistakes


You do mistakes because you have a faith about yourself that you can do mistakes .You  should learn to find that where you  do mistakes , at which point you always get wrong . When you recheck your paper or sums , keep in brain that you are re-checking your paper for perfection and betterment .  

Steps to eradicate silly mistakes :

  1. Identify at which point  you do mistakes 
  2. What are the reasons for those mistakes
  3. Think what solutions are available to this situation
  4. Ask to yourself why you do mistakes because you are the best person who can answer this question better than any one else .
  5. Try to clear your concepts for a particular topic or units 
  6. Go through the papers of other students who are doing better than you .
  7. Never write paper in a hurry , keep proper pace . Maintain proper speed to write paper . You should solve more practice papers , so that you can plan your answers very well . If you stuck any where , leave that question , go to other questions and after solving those questions which you know very well , come to solve that question which you have left . Remember never do hurry when you are in a hurry . 
  8. Dedicate few hours or minutes everyday to strengthen those points where you always lose 

Mistakes are nothing but they are something where you need to focus more and practice more . For example children who do mistakes in transposing the integers or variable in an equation , they should download the worksheet of Multiplication  or Division or sums based on BODMAS Rule .

Instead of crying or lamenting on your mistakes , thing how you can stop it . Practice and practice till you master it .

Self-Discipline and practice are the keys to success .

There are so many resources available for you .

Now, No Silly Mistake in my paper

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