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What is India? Or is it a Who?

India is not just a nation, it is the land that gave the world a tremendous gift called Yoga. It’s the land where zeros were born. It’s the land where the world first saw the ultimate use of nature’s force, The Kung Fu. India is also the land where surgeries were first invented and developed. It’s the land where gold and diamonds were sold like fruits and vegetables along the roadside.

Now, as we look down in time, our India happened to possess both, luxurious and a brutal history. When it comes to the spiritual note, India is the most diverse country and is home to a thousands of gods for centuries.

This vast land has been proving to the world that no matter what your colour is, what your religion is, what your caste is, what your status is, we can all live together and happily till the end of time. India is that sacred land where the concept of UNIVERSAL BROTHERHOOD was born.


That’s not it, it takes some serious guts in chasing those people who’ve been called, “Rulers of the empire where the sun doesn’t set”, The British. India has done it and risen hard like a phoenix after being ruled for 2 centuries.

If we could go deep down in the pages of our vast history of nearly 2 million years back, we’d know how important India is in framing the world we see today. Indian chunks is seen in every part of the world in one or the other aspect. From the food the world eats to the trillion-dollar calculations it does, India is seen. There was a time in history wherein Indians were proud that they happened to be Indians. I’m afraid that’s fading away.

Today, the world is changing so deeply that India is unable to cope up with the contemporary world. As per stats, we’re nearly half a century late on par with developed countries. The reasons are numerous. Rough history, the intense impact of British rule, lifestyle, needs, and so on. But at one corner, it’s entirely our fault.

Our history dates back to a couple of million years, but those countries which hold the supreme world power today? They hardly have 300-year-old history. We made delicious recipes when they were struggling to find out what’s food. Back then, we were millenniums ahead of them, and today? Those countries have made massive developments that completely erased the gaps in our histories within a couple of centuries.

It’s not that what they’ve done, it’s what we’ve lacked. We had everything damn thing, the richest kings, brilliant minds, sacred morals, vast universal knowledge, and what not? I still fail in understanding the cause of that sudden change of India from having everything back then to struggle for everything today.

It’s hard to be an Indian. Here, the path in which we grow changes everything. We follow systems that depreciate us and our improper systems are so strong today that it is totally impossible to rectify them. The only thing that can be done is replacing them with some mature systems, which may take a bunch of decades.

People here are so involved in their lives that they fail to accept the change that arises from their own changed mindset and efforts. I’m really sorry to say that, somehow, it’s prefixed that Indians shouldn’t unleash their full potential. People with great talents are going unsung, while some random girl who just smiles at the camera is going viral.

Yet another sad reality is that, here, people are confusing MODERNIZATION as using modern things. Digital India is rather turning out to be a completely contrastive objective than it was meant to be. It’s really heart-breaking to see how a great nation is reducing itself just because it isn’t able to cope up.

This sleeping giant needs a humongous force to wake up, and once it wakes, I believe there’s no turning back.

India should be restored to continue the legacy of its glorious history. That humongous force lies within all of us. It is our glorious past that is holding all sorts of clans together for centuries.

Now, it’s time to modify the same great past as the fuel to wake this giant up. It’s time we see our past, learn from it, put it into action, and let our patriotism make a great boost. It’s time we rebuild the path of our ancestors for our successors to walk on and from this 75th Independence Day of our great nation, let’s all take the first step in dragging our country into the sacred path it has to live in.
Dear readers, Always remember, “A nation is barely a land without its people.


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