Important Questions | Unit -1 | Teaching of English At Upper Primary Level | 2016, 2017, 2018, 2022 | Language Education | Course Code 208 | D.El.Ed | SCERT | PYQ | Past Year Question Papers | Delhi | JBT


10 Marks Question
Ques. 1 What do you mean by diverse learners? Explain the need to pay individualized attention on diverse learners. (5+5) (2016)
Ques. 2 What is the need and importance of grammar in learning English? Explain the relationship of grammar and it’s usage. (5+5) (2016)
Ques. 3 The acquisition of mother tongue takes place naturally when compared to the learning of a foreign or second language in the classroom situation. Critically discuss. (10) (2017)
Ques. 4 Highlight different approaches to English Language teaching, write five activities using Functional approach for teaching English at the Elementary level. (10) (2017)
Ques. 5 How will you improve the presentation skills of an elementary child. Explain with examples. (5+5) (2018)
Ques. 6 What is the status of English Language in Indian constitution and elementary school curriculum? As per NCF-2005, multilingualism a hindrance or resource? Explain. (5+5) (2018)
Ques. 7 Critically examine the status of English language in Indian Constitution and Elementary school curricula in the light of issues and concerns as per NCF-2005. (10) (2022)
5 Marks Question
Ques. 1 What is the status of English language at elementary school curriculum? (5) (2016)
Ques. 2 Write down five possible barriers that hamper the process of learning English language. Suggest how they can be overcome. ( 2.5+2.5) (2017)
Ques. 3 Discuss the nature and qualities of diverse learners. (2+3) (2018)
Ques. 4 How would you manage ‘diverse learners’ in language classroom? Explain with examples the challenges for a language teacher. (3+2=5) (2022)
Review Questions
Ques. 1 What do you mean by the production of language? Discuss its significance with reference to English language learning at the upper primary level.
Ques. 2 ” In right form, right place, right measure and the right way the role of grammar is indispensable in learning English.” Explain with suitable examples
Ques. 3 Explain the relationship between grammar and its usage.
Ques. 4 What do you mean by diverse learners? Explain the need to pay individual attention to diverse learners.
Ques. 5 What is the role of the teacher in facilitating the needs of diverse learners? As an English language teacher, what strategies would you follow to address their needs?
Ques. 6 What is learning disability? How will you teach writing to students who have difficulty writing English?
Ques. 7 Explain the need and importance of presentation skills for an elementary child.
Ques. 8 How will you as an English language teacher develop the presentation skill among your learners?
Ques. 9 Discuss briefly the status of the English language in the Indian Constitution.
Ques. 10 Explain the ” Three Language Formula”.
Ques. 11 NCF 2005 focuses on imparting school education in the mother tongue of a child. Will it be a resource or hindrance in learning English?


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