Previous Year Questions Unit Wise| Teaching of Mathematics| D.El.Ed| SCERT Delhi


Unit 5 Curriculum and Mathematical Communication

5.1 Curriculum of Mathematics at Elementary Level: Planning, Development and Organization

  1. Discuss the various steps for development of Mathematics curriculum. What are the principles of curriculum organisation? (5+5=10) (2017)
  2. Discuss the principles of curriculum construction at elementary level. What are the various steps of development of a mathematical curriculum? (6+4=10) (2019)

5.2 Presentation of Mathematical Concepts through Pictures, Poetry, Story, Riddles etc.

  1. Discuss the role of poems and stories in teaching Mathematics with the help of suitable examples. (2.5+2.5=5) (2019)
  2. How poetry, story and riddles help you to present mathematical concepts effectively in your classroom teaching. Explain with suitable examples. (6+4=10) (2022)

5.3 The Role of Text-books in the Teaching-Learning Process of Mathematics

  1. Explain the role of ‘Textbook’ in the teaching-learning process. Write four characteristics of a good textbook of Mathematics. (3+2=5) (2016)
  2. What are the characteristics of a good textbook of Mathematics? How is it helpful for teachers and students both? (4+6=10) (2017)

5.4 Lesson Planning

  1. Select any topic of your choice for Mathematical students and prepare a detailed lesson plan on it. (5) (2018)

5.5 Preparation and Presentation of One Lesson Plan Using Powerpoint

5.6 Mathematics Laboratory

  1. What do you mean by ‘ Mathematics Laboratory’? Being a mathematics teacher, how will you set up a mathematics laboratory? Suggest a list of equipment needed for it. (3+5+2=10) (2016)
  2. “Mathematics is Abstract”, how will you develop a resource room to concretise it? Explain using TLMs. (5) (2018)
  3. Being a mathematics teacher how will you set up a low cost mathematical laboratory? What are the importance of a mathematical laboratory? (6+4=10) (2019)

5.7 Feedback to Students About Errors/Misconceptions Observed in their Work
A student writes                   . Through his answer is correct but it shows the lack of

mathematical concept. Identify the problem and suggest a few measures to address the problem. (2.5+2.5=5) (2022)


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