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We choose to do things, sometimes we choose not to. People usually ask, “God, why me?” in pain, but some others ask in their life’s peak. There’s a difference. People celebrate victory, while some winners cheer up the lost. Some live their lives for happiness, while some live it because they have to.

Some say they didn’t dream the worth, but some others admit they didn’t plan for the worth. Few people experience deep pain in their failure and become hurt, while in their success, they tend to develop arrogance.
The question is, what is causing all these mental circumstances? It is what we are about to talk in this article. It’s called the MINDSET.

What is this mindset after all? It’s the way of thinking of an individual. Thinking perspectives, aims, life experiences, and our surroundings contribute in framing our mindset. Also, a person’s mindset changes due to the same contributing factors as he/she grows. Mindset is the biggest asset in one’s life.


All the situations that are mentioned above are exemplars of contrasting mindsets. People make their life own plans. Some plans fail utterly and some others soar. What causes this success and failure? It is the mindset those people had while planning. We can’t plan in the ways we don’t think. Obviously, there’s a lot of difference between the way a businessman and a poet think.

Both of them have never been in each others’ shoes and those differences are more likely to cause a drift between the same two people if they are closely related.
Mindset is the way of mental life we choose. What makes it to fall in either the good or bad category? Well, mindset is completely emotional, natural, and virtual. Neither any logic nor would any parameters be efficient to decide if they’re good or bad.

The only that can differentiate a good mindset from that of a bad is the results of the actions we choose in each of the mindsets. If your actions are not hurting anyone, helping the ones in need, showing love and affection to the world, the world starts loving you automatically. Those are the results of a good mindset. Having mindset as a natural thing, we can’t find any particular equations or theories to categorize them under good and bad.

They can only be decided under the trials and errors in life. The entire concept of mindset is so powerful that when and if they’re strong, they can start wars and end them, too. British ruled us with harsh rules. Why? Because we made them the path have a mindset that we, Indians, could only be tamed by those harsh rules. After nearly two centuries of the same rule, we again made them to change their mindset by changing ours into something peaceful. Neither of us are wrong here. It’s the natural order of having the ability to change things through changing mindsets.

Mind-set, being the way of mental life, controls us in every possible way. How do we choose to do things, and sometimes we choose not to? People these days are working for money whereas rarely, a few people are working for their excellence. Why did those people choose to work for the money while these people choose the same for their excellence? It’s simple, their perspective and life experiences made them to choose those different purposes. A great mindset can put up a great life and serve a noble purpose. How do some people live so peacefully when their life situations are so odd?

Very first thing for the answer is that they do not set high and unreachable goals and do not make up their mind of being happy only and if those goals are achieved. They try to navigate their lives through small goals which makes them happy eventually and gradually, peaceful. This is yet another example of having a strong mind-set.

How is this mindset being created, modified and are changing individually throughout our lives? Let’s remember an old tale. “The tale of two birds.” There were two birds and they got separated when they were small, one bird was raised in a monk’s ashram, and the other was raised in a cave by thieves. We all know the attitude of those two birds. What caused the difference? The way they grew.

Humans are no exception in this. We think in the way we are raised and we develop our mind-set in the way we think. In time, we modify our thoughts, develop them and also erase some as we blend into life experiences. Building a strong mindset is the most mature thing that one can achieve.

Train your master with no flaws. Always remember, the mind-set we choose to build is no less than the life we intend to have.
How to build a strong mind-set? Well, that’s pretty simple. Talk with elders and experienced, start exploring new ways to think on a single subject, slide through all the different perspectives that you can have, look for the results that make everything better and smooth, and there you go.
You’ve just completed building your new master. THE MIND-SET.

Sathvik N

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