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Fundamental 6 Skills: To be a Great Man of Integrity

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A Man Of Integrity: Real Goal of Education

To be a man of integrity a man should have following fundamental qualities :

1. Discipline

“Discipline means doing what you should do, when you should do, you must do, whether you want or not.”

I mean, doing all work on time, in the proper way is discipline.  Disciplined people are proactive. They organise their tasks or activities in a proper way. They maintain one diary or notebook and one pencil with name, immediately they jot down their ideas into it.

The next day activities they plan before one day. Discipline and energy sells.

2. Adaptability

A man of integrity are highly adaptable, they have ability to adjust with new circumstances. Their brain is wired to adapt new surroundings. They are flexible. In tough situations, they think with cool mind. They tough situations, they get more organised and they have patience to wait for the results.  

3. Extreme Optimism

Optimism stands for positivity. They are highly optimistic people. In all adversity, they see opportunity. They always feel, “Everything happens for a reason, so they keep learning and they have habit to see positive side of the event.”

And hence a man of integrity attracts great results and good luck.

It’s truly said fortune favours the brave.

4. Goal oriented

They have goals –Long terms and Short term.

Long term goals whose tenure is for more than 1 years and short term goals are like Monthly , Weekly and daily goal . They maintain calendar of their goals and follow it.

They never give up if they fail to achieve their goals but they take it positively and take it as feedback and try again.

5. Decision Taker

They have great ability to control their mind, a man of integrity focuses on good results and good circumstances and they have tendency to remain cool and they could control their emotions and try their best to find better opportunities. In spite of all uncertainty, they have ability to take decisions for betterment of themselves and their companies.

6. Creative Thinking

They are creative thinker, they think something new, they are men of great imaginative power, they can build their own fortune by good imaginations. Imaginations and visualisations are their friends, they imagine and visualise good and positive circumstances.

They find ways to do a task in an innovative way. So a man of integrity is a man of good character and high mental strengths. They have mastered life skills to enjoy the life of a highly successful personality.

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