Previous Year Questions Unit Wise| Teaching of Mathematics| D.El.Ed| SCERT Delhi


Unit 4 Geometric Ways of Looking at Space and Shapes

4.1 Geometry: Meaning and Importance

  1. How will you explain ‘Types of Triangles’ to students using activity? (3+2=5) (2016)
  2. How will you develop the concept and formula of T.S.A of cuboid through activity? (2.5+2.5=5) (2016)
  3. How will you develop the formulae of total surface area & volume of cylinder? Explain with the help of suitable activity. (5+5=10) (2017)
  4. What is cuboid? How will you develop the concept of ‘surface area and volume’ of a cuboid with the help of appropriate activity? (2+4+4=10) (2019)
  5. What is cuboid? Draw a cuboid and write the name of its faces, edges and vertices to validate the Euler Formula E+2=F+V. Write an application activity to develop the concept of surface area and volume of cuboid? (1.5+1.5+7=10) (2022)

4.2 Congruency and Similarity

  1. What is the difference between Congruency and Similarity? How will you teach the ‘Congruence of Triangles’ to students with the help of activity at Elementary level? (3+7=10) (2017)
  2. What is similarity? How is it different from congruency? How will you teach congruency? How will you teach the “Congruence of Triangles” to students? Explain with suitable activity. (2+8=10) (2019)
  3. How will you differentiate between congruency and similarity? Write the condition of similarity of 3 geometrical figures?

4.3 Transformations and Geometric Shapes

4.4 Measurement and Geometric Shapes

4.5 Construction of Geometrical Shapes using Geometrical Equipments

  1. How will you develop the skill to draw the angle of measure 45° with the help of compass and ruler, among students at elementary level? (5) (2017)
  2. How will you teach the construction of triangle using scale and compass to students of class 7? Explain using examples. (10) (2018)
  3. How will you develop the skill to construct the angles of measure 30° and 45° with the help of ruler and compass among the students? (2.5+2.5=5) (2019)

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