Spoken English Made Easy: 5 Easy Steps


Is spoken English different from Written English?

Spoken English

Is Spoken English can be learnt in one month? Is it possible to acquire this skill in 21 days?  I  would like to suggest , don’t get  fooled  by such attracting titles , to acquire any skill , it depends on learner to learner . I mean you can start speaking right from now , in now time , if you implement  following five easy steps :

  1. Imagine a situation
  2. Sentence
  3. Words (vocabulary )
  4. Voice modulation
  5. Practice In front of Mirror

1. Imagine Situation

We should imagine situation, visualise it, it’s first step to learn spoken English. We should see how we can elaborate it.  I mean who will be the listeners (audience) and what would be their level of understanding.   Create clear picture of scene.

Stand of in front of mirror and talk to yourself, relevant to the situations.

2. Sentences

Now, you have complete scene, now think, which sentences, you will use to express your thoughts.  Make sentences, smaller in your mother tongue and then, find these English words for your sentences.

3. Words (Vocabulary)

Words are the raw material to express your thoughts and views if you want to master Spoken English.

To a farmer, his richness is grains or crops, to a business; his richness is money, to language expert or learner, is words.

If you have rich vocabulary, you can express yourself easily by using fewer words.

You can develop your vocabulary by practicing new words. Learn every day new words (at least one word each day and use them regularly.)

4. Voice Modulation

To be a good speaker, you should be a good listener. I mean use different resources to learn Spoken Engllish  . You can listen audio books or speeches. Listen how much you can listen. In the beginning you may not be able to understand 100 %. It takes time to master . Rome is not built in one day .

But slowly and gradually, this skill will develop.  You will be amazed, with your own progress.

Consistency and discipline is required everywhere. 

2 hours one day practice is of no use but, 2 minutes every day is of great use.

We need  to see different syllables and how  to pronounce and how their meaning  changes ?

5. Practice in front of a Mirror

Every day , practice in front of a mirror , imagine that  person in mirror is another person and you are talking to him .  Do this practice every day at least 2 minutes, then how confidence will be boosted in you and very soon, you will become a great orator in English language.

Happy learning  Spoken English !

Sunil Kushwaha

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