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Are these 4 tricks useful to control the class?


Proven Tricks to control the class

We can control the class by controlling ourselves. I mean if we teachers can control our own behaviour then the discipline problem can be solved.

Most of the time, we lose our temper. We get angry.  We shout or insult the child. But these entire tasks, instead of bringing discipline, bring indiscipline.

Let’s see few techniques to maintain discipline in class, all these techniques, I have learnt from experienced teachers.

1.Change the child from inside: By Telling Stories.

This technique is most useful to control the class for the students of all age group but it has more effect on primary kids.

To use this tool, we need to master the skill of story telling. We see all religious Gurus and saints had used this method to inculcate, high morals in their disciples.

If we can do mind wash of their minds, then a great change, we can see in their behaviour.

control the class

In history, we have seen, several dacoits had become saints.  That’s the power of a storyteller’s voice and his skill to present the story. It helps to control the class.

If we listen, Gautam Buddha, Osho Rajneesh and Swami Vivekananda, we can grasp the skill of story telling.

2.Respect the Students

Try to create a bond between students and you. I mean there should be a good rapport with the students. Address the child with his/her name and add some adjectives before their names, like Genius XYZ, what are you doing?

Every creature in the universe is carving for self-respect. Children, also feel honoured and happy, if someone addresses them respectfully publicly.

If we honour them (students), automatically they will honour us.

Every action of such type helps us to control the class.

3.Pose some challenges (or conduct activity for students)

“An idle brain is the devil’s workshop.” 

Always pose some challenge to the students, who create disturbance. They will be busy in some fruitful activities. Reward them. Appreciate them.

4.Keep Positive attitudes for the students

We should keep positive views for the students. I mean, we should always keep good attitudes for our students. If you love them from the inside and have a positive approach towards students, then his/her behaviour will change.  

What is inside, the same is outside.  If you feel, your class is a disciplined class, then, yes it will be. And very easily and smoothly, you can control the class.

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