Water Drop

I am a Water Drop…to save the world


Feelings of a Water drop

Yes, I am a drop of water, I feel so happy to see you happy that very soon I will quench your thirst.
I can see your smiling face through this transparent glass.  Do you know how I reached you?
My journey to reach you is not short, it’s a big journey.

I remember very well, that when I received consciousness, I was not alone, as with me there were millions of drops of water.  I was feeling very proud to be called an ocean, it was the Indian Ocean.
Then all of a sudden we all started feeling tremendous heat. The heat of the sun was unbearable. One by one we (water drops) all were separated, then I realized in no time, I got converted into vapour, yes water vapour.
Then a strong wind with a thundering sound reached me, and I was captured by it. Now, I am in the avatar of water vapour, and many dust particles had become my friends.
Now I am starting to enjoy the flow of winds and storms and clouds.  But I used to feel thrilled when the sky was occupied by a flash of thunderous lightning.
Now I think to look down, and I see many farmers are looking upon me, wherever I go; they are all gazing up with smiles.  I am curious to know why they are so happy.
Then one of my friends(fellow water drop) said, “They feel happy because they need us to grow their crops”
I asked, “Why do they need us for their crops?”
“Yes, we are now clouds, farmers, birds and animals feel happy after seeing the clouds because they feel that God, Indra will send us to earth, and they call it, rain.”
“Then, we all will go to earth together into the same place or different places?”
“No, not the same place, some of us go to the ocean, some will go to rivers, or some will reach to fields of the farmers or on lands ….so many places will be watered by us.”
“Are we always useful to them?”
“No, we (water drops) are not always beneficial to them, sometimes we cause floods by continuous water over the waterfalls and there may be some places, where they are in dire need in such conditions known as famine.”
…..all of a sudden I experienced a sudden flow in me, and I reached a ditch, where several children were making and playing with a boat, and now I have been converted into my original form, water again.
Then after some time, I reached a river, I felt honoured being part of the holy river, Ganga, people call it, ‘National River of India’.
But I miss my fellow water drops; few must have become the part of other water bodies, why not all people honour, all rivers as river Ganga. All rivers carry the same kind of my brothers and sisters.
They pollute us. They trouble us by throwing rubbish at us. I want to ask the people of the world, when will you delete the word,’ Water pollution’ from the dictionary.
Do you call yourself educated and civilized where there are several pollutions? Today if the world is in danger, then for that who is responsible?
Yes, I am a water drop, was brought to you through a water pipeline, and from your water tap, I went to the aqua guard, and now I am in a glass, in your hand. You should drink me, but please try to make a world where people can find me in the purest form, without any water filter or aqua guard.

Thank you, you listened to my story, a story of a water drop.

Autobiography Of A Pen
Autobiography of a water drop
Sunil Kushwaha

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