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Can this vacation create a different version of yourself? If yes, then How?


All successful people use their vacation not only for enjoyment but to uplift themselves.


What to do on Vacation? It’s not a big question. Before I speak anything, I want to inform you that, you should learn some skills, so that you can be your own boss. I mean, if you have some skills, you can generate revenue for your daily life very easily. Bookish knowledge or degrees are not useful. I feel to laugh while saying the previous sentence because formal degrees are just for formalities, yes they have great values in government jobs, but not in private sectors like Google, Facebook, or any big corporate world, because big private corporate companies, don’t have quota or reservation, so because private companies are determined to provide quality and where quality matters, they don’t see formal degrees, they see the skill and their preference is the only merit. So, if you have vacation then put yourself on some learning platform to upskill yourself.

So, if you want that employers should compete to hire your time or service then, you should focus on developing some skills. There are companies ready to hire people without formal degrees, they give some tasks and if you complete them as per their guidelines, that’s it , that is only everything they want. They don’t ask you, your category, caste. I mean if you have some outstanding skills , then people from across the world will pay for your expertise.

The most important skill, which I recommend you to learn is, Typing. Now, you may be thinking about how to learn typing? On your vacation you can devote only 15 minutes to this task, after one month, you will realize that you have improved your typing speed.

It’s very simple and free. I have learned to type online in 2016, at that time lockdown was not there, but I thought, if I have to express more ideas in less time, then must master this skill, the skill of typing helped me a lot in 2020 and 2021 while conducting online school.

( Now I will share few online free resources, where you can learn, these links are NOT for my personal monetary gain or referral link .)

  1. Learn Typing here, it’s a great website, I have been learning to type on this site since 2016. It has all the great features which will keep inspiring the learners and learners always feel to visit again and again. Please click here to go to
  2. Learn Programming languages free of cost :
  1. Learn Python Programming
  2. Learn Java Programming
  3. Learn C Programming

When you will learn programming languages, you will enjoy it and in this way, you will not only spend your time but you will acquire some skills, which will help you to live a happy life like a king. In this post, I have shared,’What to do on a vacation? “

There are many skill based courses like MS Word, PowerPoint, MS Excel, Tally and so on.

I have shared only a few things, but so many things are there which I also don’t know. Keep learning, learning never ends. Learn to earn and earn to learn. Yes, upgrade yourself and create a different version of yourself in this vacation and make people around you welcome new and up graded version of you.

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