The Afghanistan -part 2 (Taliban & USA connection)

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Who are these Taliban ? where have they come from? and why did USA send its army to Afghanistan? let the story began from the year 1979 in this year the president and communist leader Nur Mohammad Taraki gets murdered .After this soviet union starts its interface in Afghan though Taraki was communist leader, he was murdered by a fellow communist leader by Hafizullah Amin . He first arrested Taraki and then murdered him like told in the pervious part the communist parties in Afghan were divided into 2 parts {Khalq, Parcham] and there where lot of fighting’s between them. we cant say that Taraki was completely innocent he also tried to murder Hafizullah Amin. while the fighting’s were happening between these communists . At the same time war was happening between communists and islamists.

Around this time 1979 a revolution took place in Iran {neighbor if Afghan} this is known as 1979 Iranian revolution. the situation in Iran was similar to afghan there were Islamists on one side, leftists and communists on the other side. Iran’s king Mohammed Reza believed in modernism and secularism and he brought up lot of development for his country at the same time he was very attached to being on the thrown . because of this greed he had the protestors on the opposition murdered. The voices of opposition were squashed , Political parties were outlawed And the Parliament was dismissed for these reasons a revolutions’ against him took place. and in 1979 Islamists took over Iran

By seeing this Hafizullah Amin got scared that Islamists might take over the Afghan. to avoid these he need to appease the religious conservative people for this he started constructing mosques started including Allah in his speeches distributed copies of Quran all these despite being a communist , he tried so hard to get islamists to his side. But people didn’t like him at all . He committed many atrocities against the people of Afghanistan . he was actually considered a semi psychopath in Afghan. an interesting fact is that all these leaders whatever ideology they may portray to the world there lies greed of power in all of them in greed for there power they can twist their ideologies for any extent . Before the islamists can take over the soviet union send their forces to Afghan and murdered Hafizullah Amin

Babrak Karmal was installed as new government he also was the leader for Saur revolution. after he coming into power he released 2,700 political prisoners’ and promised to bring new constitution and apart from these freedom of election , freedom of speech ,right to protest , freedom of religion were also promised. finally it left like like Afghanistan had peace and was moving towards right direction. USA found out that Afghan is under soviet union influence so it started supporting the ideology of Mujahedeen. Pakistan and Saudi Arabia countries were already supporting to his ideas. THE CIA conducted largest ever secret operation to do this they named it operation Cyclone

The CIA director later confessed it later that the president of USA at that time jimmy carter authorized $500,000 to be secretly given to Mujahedeen along with America’s CIA, Pakistan ISI British agency MI6, and Saudi Arabia were also supporting ISLAMIST Mujahedeen who is Mujahedeen initially they were gorilla fighters that fought while hiding in mountains .after getting this much of support not only did they have weapons not only guns but also anti -aircraft missiles that’s when the soviet union started to feel its effects in 1988 , Afghanistan’s president was Mohammed Najibullah he signs Geneva accord with Pakistan. it was a peace agreement that both countries do not interfere in each others affairs. USA promised that if the Soviet union drops its armies from Afghan then USA would stop sending weapons to Mujahedeen in 1989 soviet union withdraws it army from Afghan there were many reasons for it because soviet union was breaking into multiple countries .Mohammed Najibullah tries to reduce this conflict and brought new constitution that Afghan wont be a one party state like other communist countries

1n 1990 Afghanistan was declared Islamic republic all the references of communism were removed Najibullah tries to appease the religious conservative people of afghan and also tries to get foreign aid and start private investment after all these America still supplies weapons to Mujahedeen and their group doesn’t back off they boycott the elections and even after all these happening they still think Islam is in danger and in 1992 Mujahedeen wins the war they were a Muslim group made of different ethnicities and in this too many people were in greed to power. so there were a lot of infightings happening between the group itself finally in 1992 Burhanuddin Rabbani becomes the leader of Islamic Muslim by the next few years a new enemy was arises they were called Taliban a

in 1996 Taliban removes Burhanuddin Rabbani from power in the Pashtun language TALIBAN means student initially the leader of the group was mullah omar . he formed this group with 50 students but in time some refugees returned from Pakistan to Afghanistan and joined the group they were extremely religious . and these Taliban learned things from them and basically Taliban believed in ideology of Pashtun nationalism .USA created this situations by supplying weapons to Mujahedeen that enabled birth of Taliban

by September 1996 Taliban successfully captured Kabul and establishes ISLAMIC EMIRATES OF AFGHANISTAN in the start common thought there was some stability in them and supported Taliban and they did make Afghanistan peaceful but as the time came the conservative ideas came to forefront and common people get to see it . Taliban bans a lot of things the list was so long that it had cinema, music, tv, football ,chess, kites ,internet and education of girls above 10 years in there rule men had keep their beards and women had to cover their bodies with burqas ,women couldn’t leave their homes, women couldn’t complain

and because Taliban believed ideology of Pashtun ideology the non Pashtuns ethnicities becomes victims of ethnic cleansing thousands of Muslims were killed ,Christians get prosecuted hindus are given badges so the can be different from Muslims.

An attack that changed the entire world, the leader of al-Qaeda was Osama bin Laden. Taliban helps him shelter, and he states that it is a revenge on America for what they did to Muslims in countries like Somaiya, Libya, Afghan he gives justification that America was committing war crimes against Muslims, so America sends its force to Afghan and conducts airstrikes at places where they thought the terrorists were hiding so many civilians were killed in it

in 2001 Taliban’s were totally pushed back by help of Taliban, and in 2011 Osama bin Laden was killed and us sent its army to maintain peace in Afghan and to keep Taliban in check but after years Taliban was not completely wiped out the groups keep popping up in different areas trump tries to peace talk with Taliban in order to maintain peace or will take away the troops as they are loosing a lot of soldiers and weren’t getting anything from their country fights in 2021 Taliban’s the most powerful with more than 85,000 fighters fighting for Taliban and Joe Biden decided to withdraw the troops Joe Bidden doesn’t trust the Taliban but trusts the capacity of 300,00 soldiers of Afghan he says they can easily encounter 85,000 Taliban’s, but ground reality isn’t that 90% borders are occupied by Taliban’s. Many people say that the Indian army should support the Afghan army, but the same question arises, is it a fight for Indians? should we go and interfere? Will it make any sense?

What will India loose? India has invested around $3 million dollars on Afghanistan projects and will lose them all and threats of terrorist attacks and what do we learn from this in my opinion unity in diversity if we intend to fight among ourselves we can make 1000 of excuses different ethnicities and ideologies communism or different religions but if we want to have peace truly and live peacefully we need to accept each other and promote tolerance and unity.

Bhanu sree

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