What makes a human ‘Human’?

Since childhood, I’ve been a lot passionate about animals rather than humans. It is now, that I understood why I am. Sorry to say, They don’t bitch about each other. You watch any scientific channel, they show you how a tiger hunts a deer, not how the tiger bitches about the deer. I don’t know what these humans think that they’d achieve by slandering others. This might seem a tiny topic happening in everybody’s daily life. It has started to become a part of everybody’s life. And such a topic being part of 7.5 Billion lives, ain’t no tiny.

“Man is a social being”. I remember studying this in my primary classes. But, as I grow up past my teenage to be a part of society, I realize, the reality is often disappointing. Here, people assess you in their own remote and immature ways to come to know if you are worthy of their friendship. Friendship? Nah, I wouldn’t call that. I prefer the word business.

You have to provide them something, like a topic for a rumour, disqualified ways to get something and so on.

Funny thing is the same people who, in case, you give a topic for a rumour, rumours about you for getting those topics.
Why would people talk about others as such? Just because we’re humans, doesn’t mean that we’re humane, too. Humanity is to be achieved, from the inside. Rumours is no small thing, yes, they’re small enough to be carried and passed on, but they can annihilate one’s life. Are you getting it? Destroying an entire life just through small talks. That’s how powerful they are.

It’s like a dangerous virus, has no base, has no shape, easy to carry, can be modified, is hard to fight it, and we don’t see it coming at all. This pandemic has been an excellent example of showing us the impacts of a virus. Rumours are no exception.

Well, let’s look at how rumours start. It’s very simple, for example, you have a neighbour, they have something you wanted but couldn’t get, you tell your other neighbours how much you wanted it, and those people take you to be jealous of they have it. What’s worst is not they assume you’re jealous. It’s that they tell others that you, definitely, are jealous. Thus, a rumour is born.

While they are spending some happy time together talking about stuff, somehow, the topic turns on how jealous you are, however, it’s being spread. That somehow remains a mystery to date.

There are similar factors that contribute to the birth of a rumour. If a person doesn’t like you if the person wanted an act of revenge on you if the person is incapable of understanding things with your level of maturity and so on. Do you know what’s common in all these factors? HATREDNESS. People should understand that hating someone and not liking someone are two different things. Loving people is off the course. It requires a noble heart.

Families have been ruined, friendships have been wrecked, relations are being broke, gaps are being created between people, which makes a clear path for hatreds to crawl on and fill those gaps. Even after all these, even after people coming to know about all these, they are not seeming anywhere around possible.

Ants, they follow discipline. Tigers, they are majestic. Lions, display their pride. Butterflies are cheerful. Insects herald their survival. Dogs, even though they bite, they care. When every single animal possesses its own million-dollar quality. We are humans, we are gifted to think, which a few or no animal has.

Yet, we eventually consider being worthy if we qualify at least one animal quality, like a dog’s faith. It’s nothing new that the human world is an arena where everyone tries to achieve their dominance. Now that’s something similar with animals. Establishing dominance.

What’s strange is that animals play by rules in the fight. Once an animal is defeated in the fight for dominance, unlike humans, they lawfully retrieve and don’t use means like rumours to fight back.

There is something seriously damaged and wrong with humans. If I’m being asked, I’d say, mankind is the apex body to supervise nature by utilizing it. But as I see where it’s today, there should be no hesitation in accepting we have a long way to go. But first, like any animal, humans should realize their capacity and their position in this jungle. Then only, I’d say, we can be what we are supposed to be.

It’s ridiculous and shameful at the same time to see in this big forest how humans are using highly immature means to achieve their thoughts which, usually, doesn’t make any good.

We should be good humans serving the purpose that we’ve been given. Being humane. All those things that have clouded us from being actual humans are just a bunch of lies. Fortunately, animals can see and live up to their only purpose, just because they don’t tend to develop any such clouds.

As mentioned earlier, we have been gifted to think. Now, we should think and decide if we are going to follow those bunch of lies forever, or we understand our place in this world and live beyond it or at least, living up to i would suffice.

“Be the human you’re meant to be. That’s realization. And if you help others to be the human they are supposed to be, that’s humanity”

Sathvik N

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