Why Do We Celebrate Festivals?


Festivals bring freshness.

Festivals are the soul of cultural and social life .Festivals of every country is relevant to their Geography and History .Why do we celebrate festivals ?

They teach us values and bring humans together . They  bind us with each other . Each and every celebration has its history and valid reasons . Each festival has its interesting story .

It is human nature to love the celebration . The celebration word is only festive .

Each and every country in the world has their unique Geography and History . In this world not a single stone is similar to each other . This nature itself is full of variety . This universe is full of various cultures ,traditions . Even in one country people mostly fight among themselves for one or another reasons . So what makes them come together . So make them come together ? It is their culture and civilisation .

Festival is a part of culture and civilization . It reminds us the values of those great souls with whom they are related . For example Christmas festival reminds us the values and principles taught by Jesus Christ .

Buddha Jayanti teaches us universal brotherhood . Lord Buddha has taught the world how one can get rid of sorrows . Mahavir Jain Taught the world ‘Live and let live ‘ .  When we talk about religion each religion taught humanity , love, peace and brotherhood .

Now let’s see how geography is related with festivals ?  Many festivals in India ( other agrarian countries) , are related with seasons . Mostly when crops are harvested . The method and rituals are also relevant to the availability of the resources .  For example :

Just see the co-relation , when there is new moon day ,festival of light (Diwali ) and when there is hot summer in the month of March ( Holi ) festival of colors and water is celebrated .

There are some other reasons also why we celebrate them ?

  1. Festivals bring freshness in life .
  2. They remove boredom .
  3. They are the source of national integration and unity .
  4. They reminds us our cultural values
  5. They are good for an integrated nation and it unity .
  6. Many people get employment .
  7. Because of their celebration ,the country’s economy also develops .