How to Make Your Dreams Come True ?


If you have a burning desire to win something then please never let it extinguish in the midst of the storms of difficulties or obstacles . Always remember why you started  working  on a task . The moment you are about to quit remember those days when you have more difficulties than now . Remember them who were the people more troubled or tortured than you . . Count your blessings , not your problems .   

Grow through your difficulties, obstacles . Let your adversities shape you . Don’t reply every one . keep working on your dreams . Write down   your dreams on a paper , work on it day and night . Obstacles will come that is sure , but they are not to defeat you but to make you stronger , to make you better , life is a music , you should know to sing it’s song . There is no other director for this song , it’s God , accept His commands and recite it with love , it has thrill , it has tune . Just you need to keep in brain , that circumstances , or situations are your friends , it will take little time to train your sub-conscious mind . 

When you write your dreams on a paper , dreams become goals . Divide your goals into smaller goals and then set a time limit . Any thing can be achieved by Self-Discipline . So self-motivation is the fuel to run you on the road map of your goals . 

The steps to any success in any field is as below :

  1. Decide what do you want to achieve : What will make feel happier in your real life ? What will make you more respectful in the eyes of the people ? Decide it . Think with cool mind , peaceful mind , because clear images are formed on the surfaces of water when it is stable . Write down them on a paper .
  2. Think which are the possible ways to achieve them . To which people you need to talk , Which course you need to study , which exams you need to do , which college or university you need to approach . Everything write down . 
  3. Divide your goals into steps , every step should be well defined and well determined , write down every small steps . 
  4. Start working on every small steps with patience .
  5. Motivate yourself , on the way of your success , you may find some obstacle , but think that they are not to stop you but they are to make you more eligible and stronger . 
  6. Breaks are not to break you but to refresh you . Break may come on the way of success but accept them and after sometime resume the path of your success with more will , experience and vision , this time more better . 
  7. Search successful people in the field of your goals , see what they have done to achieve success , follow their strategy with new concepts and modern technology .
  8. Always feel that your goals are achievable  and easily accessible because you will easy then , you can work more comfortably .
  9. Self-discipline makes all toughest and inaccessible goals easy and accessible .
  10. Surround yourself with positive and happy people because they will create a positive atmosphere for your work and you will enthusiastic to work towards your goals . 
  11. Feel Good : What you feel same you get . So focus on what you want . Don’t think , what you don’t want . If you want success , think about only success , if you want good people around , think about nice people , what you want think about them .