You Can Make Your Dreams Come True and Live a happy life


Dreams become reality if we can think about them and work for them.

How to make dreams come true

If you have a burning desire to win something then please never let it extinguish in the midst of the storms of difficulties or obstacles. Always remember why you started working on a task (Dreams). The moment you are about to quit remember those days when you have more difficulties than now. Remember them who were the people more troubled or tortured than you. . Count your blessings, not your problems.   

Grow through your difficulties, obstacles. Let your adversities shape you. Don’t reply to everyone. keep working on your dreams. Write down your dreams on paper, work on the day and night. Obstacles will come that is sure, but they are not to defeat you but to make you stronger, to make you better, life is music, you should know to sing its song. There is no other director for this song, it’s God, accept His commands and recite it with love, it has thrilled, it has a tune. Just you need to keep in brain, that circumstances or situations are your friends, it will take little time to train your subconscious mind. 

When you write your dreams on a paper , dreams become goals . Divide your goals into smaller goals and then set a time limit . Any thing can be achieved by Self-Discipline . So self-motivation is the fuel to run you on the road map of your goals . 

The steps to make your dreams come true in any field is as below :

  1. Decide what do you want to achieve: What will make feel happier in your real life? What will make you more respectful in the eyes of the people? Decide it. Think with a cool mind, a peaceful mind, because clear images are formed on the surfaces of water when it is stable. Write down them on paper.
  2. Think which are the possible ways to achieve them. To which people you need to talk, Which course you need to study, which exams you need to do, which college or university you need to approach. Everything writes down. 
  3. Divide your goals into steps, every step should be well-defined and well determined, write down every small step. 
  4. Start working on every small step with patience.
  5. Motivate yourself, on the way to your success, you may find some obstacles, but think that they are not to stop you but they are to make you more eligible and stronger. 
  6. Breaks are not to break you but to refresh you. The break may come on the way of success but accept them and after some time resume, the path of your success with more will, experience and vision, this time better. 
  7. Search successful people in the field of your goals, see what they have done to achieve success, follow their strategy with new concepts and modern technology.
  8. Always feel that your goals are achievable and easily accessible because you will easy then, you can work more comfortably.
  9. Self-discipline makes all toughest and inaccessible goals easy and accessible.
  10. Surround yourself with positive and happy people because they will create a positive atmosphere for your work, and you will be enthusiastic to work towards your goals. 
  11. Feel Good: What you feel the same you get. So focus on what you want. Don’t think, what you don’t want. If you want success, think about only success, if you want good people around, think about nice people, what you want, think about them. 
  12. Read every day or listen to audiobooks every day: Because this will always keep you motivated for your dreams.

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