Reasons why Students should read Newspapers: 3 Important Reasons


Newspapers and E-Contents :

Most of today’s generation is hooked to their electronic devices such as tablets, laptops, mobile Phones and so on. Despite being surrounded by electronic devices which cater to our needs, the older generation mostly prefers to hold on to the habit of reading and browsing through the newspapers in order to keep themselves aware of the world happenings. They would prefer to begin their day with a
cup of tea and the day’s newspaper in their hand.

In today’s fast paced world, it is necessary for an individual to have basic knowledge of the history, geography, economic and political theories of his/her own country. Reading the newspaper creates an educated mind and the spirit of critical reasoning which can further enhance the overall appearance/
intelligence of an individual’s mind .

Newspapers serve as a vehicle/platform between political parties and its readers. Newspapers keep us informed about every sector such as political events, sport performances, Bollywood, the country’s economy and social events. Nowadays newspapers are available in various languages which cater to every person’s need. They are printed in the local as well as languages which are widely accepted. The different types of newspapers are daily, weekly, monthly and annually.

A cultured and an intelligent mind is inquisitive by nature and a good newspaper serves these traits of such a person. On the other hand it is a pressing need that the youth of today inculcate the habit of reading the daily newspaper so as to get themselves enlightened about the world happenings, moreover the child should read appropriate sections from the newspaper in order to refine and upgrade his/her knowledge and intelligence .

If a child is put into the habit of at least browsing through the daily headlines the first thing in the morning, he/she will be addicted to this practice for the rest of their lives.
Newspapers are considered the treasure house of our lives, a treasure which can be found at one’s doorstep and can be affordable for most of us.


Importance of reading a newspaper in the life of a student –

Reading the daily newspaper is a healthy habit for an individual and especially for children, as the habit of reading can enhance and improve their vocabulary and their command over a particular language. Good reading ability provides the best source of active listeners. Newspapers are a rich source of General Knowledge which can help a student crack unexpected questions during an examination.

They prove to be beneficial for students while preparing for their entrance examination, competitions, quiz and contest shows, which can be rewarded by a good sum of money and enhance one’s qualification. In schools and colleges a student has to undergo a lot of research and analytical procedures for certain assignments and project work. In order to come up with something creative and out of the box a student has to research and keep a track of the recent happenings. A newspaper has proved to be a handy source for various topics which can be useful at different levels.


Knowledgeable games

At one end of the newspaper, one can find knowledgeable games such as Sudoku, riddles, Puzzles, crosswords and so on. These types of games help one to improve their thinking capacity, vocabulary skills and enhance their reasoning and learning skills which otherwise is confined to their school textbooks. Students who are in- touch with the newspapers are able to become good orators which can further help them to become good listeners, speakers and a responsible journalist.

When a student is enlightened about various topics he/ she can voice up without hesitation for the rights of themselves and others.
Due to these benefits a child should make it a point to read the daily newspaper first thing in the morning along with a cup of tea or coffee instead of clinging or checking their mobile phones the first thing they wake up in the morning.


It is a must for every citizen to browse through the newspaper in order to keep themselves on track with the daily happenings of the world so as to keep their minds enlightened about the world news.

Reading the newspaper will not cost a person to spend much on knowledge and general knowledge; the cost of the newspaper is designed to fit the pocket of every lay person.

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