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2 important roles of a father



Father can be described as a mentor, guide and a philosopher. Indeed his role has no less role to play in the upbringing of a child. Most people give less importance to this role as compared to that of a mother; little do we realize that he plays an equal role in the nourishment and mentoring of a child. During traditional times strict parents were considered nothing like than Divine deities

He is the one who makes the most sacrifices for the child in order to provide a safe, secure and luxurious future. We need to realize that he toil under tremendous pressure at their workplace in order to provide us with our basic needs like food, clothing, shelter and education. He make a lot of sacrifices in silence, which is often unnoticed by other members of the family. They work in silence despite the pressure from their workplace and even sometimes at home. He is considered a strict trainer in terms of ethics and also a child’s best friend.

role of a father
role of a father

Often there are times when a child can be quite stubborn and this can cause a lot of pressure on the him in order to get the child back on track, in such times he doesn’t run from his duties and responsibilities but rather faces the hardships with all his might for the betterment of the child’s future.

Sometimes we may get annoyed at his strictness but little do we understand that it will always be for the good of ourselves. We have come across the proverb which says, “Spare the stick and spoil the child”. Today’s generation often find the strictness of their father as a hindrance to their privacy. They want to shift away from the firm hold of their family in order to live a carefree and independent life, but one needs to realize that they have seen the cruelty of the world much more than we have and the strictness they possess is definitely for our protection.

It is true indeed that nothing can be compared to the love, compassion and protection of a father. Sometimes orphan children are lucky enough to consider someone as their father figure- the one who will look after and provide all the necessary nourishment for the upbringing of a child.

Amitabh Bachan and Sachin Tendulkar in their inspirational speech have highlighted the role their father played in their upbringing.

In the Indian household a father figure is never dead, maybe physically after some point of time he would no longer be by our side but his presence can be felt through our manners and values which can be seen down the generations. TS Eliot a well-known poet has brought to light the importance of a father in the Indian culture:

‘A man’s destination is his own village,

His own fire and his wife’s cooking;

To sit in front of his own door at sunset,

And see his grandson and his neighbor’s grandson

Playing in the dust together.

To the Indian who died in Africa’

role of a father
role of a father


Just like the sea and earth are meaningless without the presence of the sun, in the same way a child’s value and presence is meaningless and empty without the presence of his or her father. Just like the sun shines every day through the ages in the same way the values of a father will be passed down to the  generations to come. Another important aspect of a child and father relationship is total surrender, trust, love and faith. Thus these attributes are beautifully portrayed in its purest form in a father and child’s relationship.

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