India of my dreams

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India is considered as one of the largest subcontinent in the world. Along with being the biggest subcontinent, there are a host of problems on a small and large scale.
Sometimes I imagine a time when all these problems would be overcome and its citizens would be living in a poverty free state and enjoying the fruit of its prosperity.

According to me, what defines an ideal and so-called perfect country is that every individual should be able to get his or her three square meals every day, poverty shouldn’t prevail in any sections of the country, no one should cry for food and basic needs. Everyone should sleep with their stomach full and not long for a stable food. Even if there was poverty in the country it would be forgotten as a long lost dream.

India of my dreams
India of my dreams

There would be no slums in India. Everyone would have a safe and healthy environment to grow and flourish. A healthy surrounding would elevate a lot of health problems which are caused due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

The India of my dreams would be a safe place for every girl child. Today as we see some sections of our country are no longer safe for women to move out freely without the company of another individual. The cases of rape and molestation are constantly on a rise. It should be a safe place in which every gender is treated equally and without the danger of dominance. Some rural sections still discriminate against women and confine them to the four walls of the kitchen. In Spite of all these rules and restrictions women are breaking the boundaries and are stepping forward to be independent.

India is considered a multicultural country in which different castes live together. In Spite of this sometimes we come across religious conflicts. Furthermore India should be a country in which people of all races, creed, color and gender are not discriminated against. Instead of pointing out the differences and flaws of the other, it is necessary that we accept all of it which will aid in a happy living for all of us. The right to equality should be applicable to all citizens. The laws should be just and strict for violators and no one should be left free after an act of violence.

Corruption is a burning fact that needs to be put under control. Most of them require bribes in order to get a task completed as per their convenience; due to this issue corruption is on a rise.
There would be free and compulsory primary education for men, women and children, no individual should be deprived the right to education under any circumstances. Basic education should be a must in order to deal with some aspects of the world.

The spread of education can create an awareness that a family with two or three children is sufficient in order to cater to the primary needs such as food, clothing and shelter. No longer would we find hordes of kids roaming around the slums, half clothed and starving for food.

With the control of population there would be enough employment opportunities for every eligible candidate depending on their capabilities and ability. There would not be anyone unhappy with their job or salary, thus everyone would return back home happy and content for the day.

Advancement in education can lead to advanced technology and thus result in better agriculture. Education can also help to get rid of a superstitious mindset that prevailed during traditional times. People would thereby understand the logic of questioning and reasoning instead of blindly following the blind faith of those around them.
Furthermore, excess population can cause a strain on the natural resources.


I would like to sum up this essay by saying that the India of my dreams will always be a country full of enthusiasm and compassion for other living beings irrespective of their differences.

India of my dreams
India of my dreams


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