importance of drug consumption

4 important effects of drug consumption



Important effects of drug consumption on teenagers should be brought under control . Most of the youth of today consider drug consumption as a trend that everyone in the group follows. In most cases the influence is due to the peers and their circle. There is a rise in the weekly and monthly consumption of alcohol among the youth which causes serious health problems that most of them are unaware of. Most teenagers would like to experiment on new things without realizing the I’ll effect on their emotional, psychological and physical well-being.

importance of drug consumption
important of drug consumption

Drug consumption at an early age can hamper the brains working system and this makes one to take rash decisions such as dangerous driving and unsafe sex. The earlier a person consumes drugs the possibility of leaving it would be much later in life. Taking drugs at an early age can also cause sickness such as high blood pressure, heart disease, blockages and disorder in the sleeping patterns.

Teenagers who are addicted to drugs experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, mood swings and sometimes hallucinations. At present these may be some minor problems but will possess serious health problems in the near future. They not are not only faced by themselves alone but by their family members, society and those around them.

Another reason that needs to be brought to light is the economic consequences. The families of such victims have to pay a high amount of money on medical treatment which aids in their betterment.
No wonder today’s generation experiences end amount of stress which makes them fall a prey to drugs in order to get a relief from the real world for a limited span of time. But teenagers of today need to realize that, this short term pleasure will cost them their lives in the mere future.

There are many times of drugs available such as cocaine, marijuana, amphetamines, alcohol and so on. Some countries have legalized some drugs while on the other hand many countries have not proved it, in spite of the strict rules; we find many cases of drug abuse on a rise.

There might be various reasons the youngsters of today indulge in drug consumption. Some of the common reasons are listed below:
To get temporary relief- some teenagers suffer from anxiety and depression, they find that the consumption of drugs provides some sort of relief to their mind hence they fall a prey to it.
To experiment – most of today’s generation are always on a motion to try something new and experience something out of the box, especially when they are of the thought that such experiences can be thrilling and daring.

To perform well at academics and sports – some people consume steroids and antibiotics to give a good performance at sports or the academics level.
Some of the early signs that may be possessed by a person due to high consumption of drugs are as follows:
Spending time in isolated, losing interest in one’s hobbies, being sad and tired most of the time, eating excess or very less than usual, mostly having a bad mood, missing important appointments due to memory failure, unable to concentrate on studies, poor concentration, lack of confidence and concentration.

Drug prevention can be controlled and prevented. Awareness needs to be created at school, community and society’s level in order to help the youth to get rid of drug addiction and help them to come out of it at an early age.

Following are some points which can help teenagers to get away with drugs:
Parents should have a good communication with their children, a parent should have one to one conversation in order to get promote a sense of cooperation and trust.


Parents should teach their young ones the importance of self-control and responsibility. Timely supervision is necessary in order to understand the whereabouts of their children. This includes knowing the background of their friends and what they indulge in.

important of drug consumption
important of drug consumption


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