Digital transformation :need of time

2021 Digital Transformation: A New Necessity.


Digital Transformation – What, Why and How.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation
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The transformation of any actions that are getting shifted online through the usage of various technologies is called digital transformation. In layman’s terms, If we start exploring the internet and get things done online, that is called digital transformation. Say, a man goes go a store and pays his bills through UPIs, cards or internet banking instead of cash. Here, basics of digital transformation is put in act. This example is the first step for digital transformation particular in India.

How is India, currently?

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Before we walk into the content, it’s important we understand that our India is still categorised under developing nations. India needs a complete shift in order to cope up with any sort of digital advancements. With this being said, what kind of advancements will we be in if we do not possess any hardware designed for the transformation we’re talking about?

Why is it necessary?

As told before, digital transformation is the usage of various technologies to get various things done online like, banking, business, service developments, connecting people, shopping, bookings and so on. But on the other hand, this transformation can be seen as a huge opportunities to employ millions of people. Youths are looking out for diverse jobs ranging from house keeping to Astro mechanics, but what’s similar in all of these is that the usage of digital platforms is necessary.

How is digital transformation necessary?

Why digital transformation is needed

Digital transformation has the ability to extend the boundaries of business beyond limits. It strengthens the client and service provider communication effectively and may serve as being a advantageous point for both of them. However apart from all these, digital transformation, with appropriate knowledge, can adapt to the various requirements of clients upon many situations. Adaptability can be seen as the new revolutionary change in the arena of modernization. This transformation also inspects and erases, if necessary, the digital footprints.

Now coming to the point of India being a developing nation, all these above discussed things play a very important role in our progress. Digital transformation acts as a key to unlock various opportunities, which on the longer run can act as a progressive milestone increasing the employment rate, change in education system, introducing new skill sets and making a difference in the contemporary youth standards. Higher the youth standards digitally implies faster rate of development. Nevertheless, everything ends in being developed.


As the point being why digital transformation is necessary, we can see a greater amount of opportunities as we have more than a billion population. Thousands of online courses are being held in various online platforms which we can consider as a bridge to the shift we’re talking about.

In simple words, students who opt for online courses do not only learn the same, but in the path they do their courses, they end up learning numerous things related with banking, interaction with people online, usage of different social media platforms, the reaching range of services online and a dozen other things.

What’s common in all these? To perform the contemporarily necessary activities like these, digital transformation is necessary and once if this transformation gets done, it ends up contributing a huge percentage of skilled work force and a strong work platform to the upcoming generations.

Do upgrade yourselves and that doesn’t mean that we have to abandon all the non digital ways. Yes we have to step in two boats at a time, and in this context that doesn’t have to be so hard.

“To those who’re in need, we’ll help. To those who’re in trouble, we’ll help. To those who’re wanting to make a change, we’ll help. To our nation, We help.”

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