Yogas for kids

2 Main Yogas for Kids For Healthy Childhood

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If you are in search of videos of Yogas for kids then this article is for you .

Yogas for Kids

Vajrasana :

Advantages of Vajrasana :

  1. This is good for mental health and meditation .
  2. It is good for digestion .
  3. In this posture we can sit for longer time and it develops our concentration .


Advantages of Padmasana :

  1. Refreshes the body and keep our mind alert .
  2. It is good for knee ,ankles and joints
  3. Like Vajrasana , it is also a meditative asana .
  4. It teaches how to sit erectly and properly .


Mudras are nothing but they are the postures made with thumb and other fingers .

Our all nerves are connected to our fingers. Different fingers are the symbols of different forces of nature like air ,akash , Vayu , jal and agni .

According to Indian sources of knowledge , our body and universe are made of these five fundamental elements .


Best time for doing Yogas :

Best time for doing Yoga is morning . Students should get up early in the morning and do these yogas for at least 5 minutes . They should develop a schedule of getting up early in the morning .

Should we use Yoga-mat ?

Yes , we should use Yoga mat or some other cloth or anything on the earth surface, on which we do yoga , this is necessary because while we do yoga our body generate energy and heat and due to Yoga-mat , that heat and energy do not pass to earth directly . So, these two yogas for kids will transform their physical and mental health . This will make them better in studies , they could score higher grades .

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