3 dangerous causes of water pollution



Water pollution can be described as the contamination of water due to human activities that negativity affects the storage of water bodies. These include sea , rivers , ponds , reservoirs , oceans and lakes. When certain levels of contamination are included in these water bodies they lead to pollution of water.

The main agents of water pollution include waste from the industries, discharge from sewages and agricultural wastes.

water pollution
water pollution

The three types of water pollution are Marine pollution (which is mostly found in large water conservation bodies), fresh water pollution (this is mostly found in small water preservation resources) and ground water pollution ( which can be considered as the contamination of water in the wells ).

Contaminated water when consumed by those using it for drinking, bathing and other agricultural activities can lead to a troll of various water borne diseases.

Water contamination reduces the ability of the water to provide the required ecosystem services to those who consume it.

Some other elements of water pollution are plastics, organic pollutants , waste from the factories and industries and debris from construction which sometimes get deposited in some of the nearby water bodies which further leads to contamination. The two types of contamination are inorganic and organic. The heat which is produced from contamination is called thermal pollution.

Some other agents of water pollution are cosmetics products, the disinfectant found in drinking water , and waste products from animal husbandry.

In Village areas when people take their animals for grazing and bathing, they do not pay much attention to the surroundings. They allow them to let their waste out either near the water bodies after they bathe their animal. This same water can seep into the near water bodies and cause a troll of sickness. When this water is consumed by the nearby villagers for their daily purpose of drinking and bathing, they are affected because of the unhealthy water.

Pathogens are the main cause for the rise of water borne disease in animals and human beings. These very same pathogens can cause dreadful and life threatening disease in humans.

Some of the high levels of pathogens are found in the water of animals and humans when they defitate near the water bodies. Mostly such a situation arises when there is lack of hygiene and no proper sanitation.

Another way of polluting freshwater is the runoff from salt pans and salty water bodies, when this water mixes with freshwater it leads to contamination.

Some other reason for water pollution is the waste from pharmacies. This can include the waste from individuals due to medical or cosmetic reasons. Most of such wastes have been deducted in water bodies all across the world.

Solid water which includes plastic, metal, most of the waste which are discarded by people into the surrounding and some of the light garbage which is lifted by the wind and storm into the sea and other larger water bodies.

Besides the contamination of sea , rivers, ponds, reservoirs and other such water bodies, we also have the continuation of marine life .

Marine pollution is mostly found when the pollution of residence, noise, agriculture and industries are carried into the oceans. This type of pollution is mostly caused by those who are indulged in marine transportation.

Some of the most common diseases that arise when the water is not pure are cholera and diarrhea. In the worst cases the pollutants from pesticides and the waste from industries can cost a person his life due to the hazardous chemicals used in the process of manufacturing.

Many pollutants enter our body in the process of cooking food and consumption of drinking water. This same pollutant thereafter reaches various other organs and causes sickness which can be difficult to cure in rare cases.

Chemical products can come in contact with our skin by various ways such as washing clothes in polluted water, swimming and so on, this causes sick irritation and various other rashes.


Thus it is important for each one of us to take timely measures in order to keep the water safe and hygienic. Doing so will not only benefit us but also the whole world and help to keep sickness and disease afar.

water pollution
water pollution

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