6 dangerous effects of water pollution



Water pollution – Our mother earth reminds us constantly of the importance of water in each of our lives. It is very essential for every living being in order for their survival even for energy production and the development of the economy. The near future will have to face various challenges in order to stop the contamination of sea, lakes, oceans and reservoirs.

The river Ganges which is considered to be the holiest and purest river in the country is now polluted in the worst ways possible. This is a problem which affects ¾ of the country’s population according to the United Nations.

water pollution
water pollution

Some of the main water pollution are pollutants such as pesticides, parasites, viruses, pharmacy products, nitrates, plastics, radioactive waste and fecal waste. Some of these particles do not always change the color of the water, but that does not mean it is not present even in crystal clear water.

Some of the major and common effects of water pollution which can be noticed around us even today are as follows –

Felling of trees –

Trees are cut down due to various reasons in order to fulfill the ever increasing needs of man, this process can exhaust the water resources which in the mere future will generate residues and this can thereafter become a breeding ground for insects, bacterias and various other diseases.

Global warming

The rise of temperature which is caused by co2 releases heat to the water present in various other water bodies, this in return will reduce the content of oxygen.

Farming and agricultural waste

The feces from animals and the agricultural waste from the fields are the main cause of eutrophication of water.

Oil and fuel spillage in the sea

Sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances the ship which carries oil and fuel from one country to the other can meet with an accident. At such times the oil and fuel gets thrown into the sea causing a threat to the marine life animals.

Humans in return consume these aquatic creatures after they have eaten the oil and fuels.

Pollution in the sea

Most of the time the sea and cargo which carries goods from one country to the other deposit their waste products in the sea. These are some of the main agents that cause water pollution in deep seas and oceans.

Effects of water pollution

The poor condition of water are some of the major causes for the deteriorating health condition among human beings and even animals. It is considered one of the major causes for increasing poverty in most of the nations.

Contaminated food chain

When fishing is done in polluted waters and when these aquatic creatures are consumed by human beings it can lead to sickness such as diarrhea and cholera. As the toxins which are taken in by these creatures are fuhrer consumed by human beings.

Lack of sanitation and clean water

In most of the rural areas people have no access to clean water, so most of them have to consume the water which is made available to them even if it is not pure and safe for drinking.

On the other hand people in villages have no proper sanitation, in this process they deficit in the open which is near lakes and rivers, thereafter this water is carried on the people in their houses for further consumption.

Even according to a report by the WHO, more than two million people have no option but to drink the polluted water which is exposed to chemicals and bacteria.


Some of the simple solution which can be followed in order to combat the rising water pollution are as follows

Do not throw away the waste from the house and factories into water bodies, down the sink or toilet drainage

Do not flush down drugs and pills into the washroom drainage as sometimes the water may not have a proper outlet and this polluted water can be consumed by animals.

Use a minimum amount of detergent and bleach for washing the clothes.

Chemicals and fertilizers should be avoided as far as possible when food items are concerned.

Use of plastic bags and cans should be avoided as far as possible because these items when disposed of in the surrounding area cause water pollution as it can be recycled and reused.

water pollution
water pollution

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