7 Positive aspects of technology

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The positive sides of technology have created a great impact in most of the sectors of the world. It increases the usefulness of services and helps in increasing its value. It helps to make our work easier in multiple ways.

Because of this modern invention we enjoy a luxurious life that may seem unreal at times. Our forefathers would never have believed that the future generation would live a life which was exactly opposite to theirs. They worked hard on the field in order to earn a living, today the field workers do not have to work so hard in order to plough the field due to the advancement in technology.

Technology makes people more productive and helps to enhance the production of goods and services.


Following are some of the positive sides of technology:

  1. Due to this advent, communication has become easier, more effective and faster as compared to the traditional time. People are able to keep in contact with their near and dear ones, even though they live miles away from each other. During the olden days communication was very difficult as it would take days and even months to get a reply from those living away from the family.
  2. Due to the advancement in technology manufacturing of products has become more efficient and easy. Companies are able to coordinate with each other very effectively which helps in efficient product management and distribution.
  3. Technology has helped people to save their time at any task they take up. Without it people had to physically visit the place and get their task done but today with the help of technology they can get their work completed over a phone call, via text messages or even emails.
  4. Online shopping, which is a trend in today’s generation, is possible because of technology. This has helped people to purchase products as per their likes from any nook and corner of the world.
  5. Today people have the ability to develop new and innovative approaches because of the advanced techniques.
  6. Marketing has become more effective because promotion and marketing is possible via social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra etc
  7. Medical researchers have found it easy to trace the disease due to the upgrading of gadgets which helps doctors and nurses to get the patients treatment done with less pain and within a small span of time.


Administration has been made much easier with technology and software programmers. Administration has benefited through word processing packages, email distribution, databases and telephone systems. This has made actions such as letter writing and managing large amounts of information much easier.

Digital media and have grown to become an important part of business, particularly in relation to communication and marketing activities.

Digital and social media enable the use of electronic communication for sharing ideas, content, information and messages. Digital media may include text messages, emails, internet based messaging services and web chats. Social media platforms include Facebook, Instagram, snapchat and Twitter for example.

Businesses may have a range of objectives, related to areas such as sales and customer satisfaction. Digital and social media are used by businesses to help market and promote businesses. They can be used by both large and small businesses to attract a target audience that is interested in the products and services being promoted or sold. They are also often used to quickly resolve any complaints, respond to reviews and feedback about the business.

By making communication, customer service, and marketing, digital communication easier and more transparent, digital and social media has helped businesses to achieve their objectives. Thus we should always be greatful for the invention and blessing of technology in our lives.


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