5 Negative aspects of technology

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The negative aspect of technology often go hidden by most of us. We are so caught up in the digital world that we barely realize the disadvantages it possesses in our lives. Today man is caught up by the clutches of his phone. Technology has influenced every corner of the world.

Along with the advantages that technology has brought to the human world, there are a ton of disadvantages as well which are almost immeasurable. Even though it has brought about advancement in almost every field such as business, education, workplace, healthcare etc which in a way hampers human life to some extent.

The 21st century is so dependent on technology that with every breath one needs to depend and check on their cell phone in order to be in line with the world happenings, to stay in contact with each other and for many other reasons.

It is indeed true that the advancement of technology has come a long way but this level of success and comfort comes along with a troll of disadvantages as well.


Following are some of the common disadvantages which needs to be brought to the limelight:

  1. Social isolation / Loneliness – Due to the increasing need for personal computers like laptops and cell phones, we find most teenagers spending most of their time on the internet, surfing, playing games and shutting down from the real world. Most teenagers find it easy to interact and make new friends over the internet, on the other hand such teenagers find it difficult to interact and communicate with people in real life. Technology has replaced real life communication.
  2. Low value for human workers – human jobs have been replaced by machines and robots, thus there is a less need for human beings and man made power. Many companies have replaced humans with automatic robots and machines, this has in a way helped them to increase efficiency and profitability. These robots can process the work ten times that of one human being. Many companies might not find the need to hire many employees to get a job done, this can help them to save money.
  3. Negative impact on students- the pact of technology depends on the way one uses it, thus it can be considered a Boon or Bane. Most students have proved that the negative. Technology has helped to improve the quality of learning and there is a vast amount of learning materials over the internet, in this process students are not able to learn the actual meaning of what they’re copy pasting from the internet. Thus it is necessary to make sure that the entire piece of information is not copied directly from a website but is articulated, understood and framed in one’s own language.
  4. Mass destruction and war- technology has indeed helped in the manufacturing of mass weapons which are used during war time. When these weapons and ammunition are used by wrong criminals they can cause great damage to innocent lives and can damage property.
  5. Addiction – As most of today’s generation is dependent on technology for the everyday functioning, they use various types of smart phones, gadgets and computers which cause then as addiction and this further leads to making them lazier day by day. Most of the children have stopped playing outdoor games which causes them to be less inactive thus leading to various other kind of health issues.


Thus we were to realize that technology is indeed a blessing to humankind but it depends on the user and one needs to understand that if technology is overused in a way that exceeds its limit, it can cause great harm to lives.


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