Social Media

Social media has played a major role to interact with people.

It appears like today’s generation could not stay without Social media. Being a part of life Social media has both positive and negative effects.

Here, we will mainly focus on both sides’ effective and hostile ways of SOCIAL MEDIA on FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS along with the best possible solutions to improve family relationships while using Social media in a balanced way to enhance today’s offspring’s connections with family members.

Do you know? United Nations day of families focuses on the impacts of new technologies such as Social media on the well-being of families.

This year’s 2021 Theme was ‘Families and New Technologies’.

The International Day delivers an alternative to facilitate insight into problems about families along with enhancing understanding of the economic, social, and demographic procedures influencing families.


  1. Increases Engagement with Family Members: Nowadays due to busy schedules people have very little time to communicate with their family members and physical appearances within the family members are very difficult, here social media comes into pictures to make groups and communities and give rise to a healthy conversation.
  2. Easy Long Distance Relationships: Nowadays maintaining long-distance relationships is very difficult, but the advent of Social media has reduced the distance and families stay close to each other.
  3. No Isolation: Parents who have been separated through a divorce may find social media valuable to interact with their children, children will no longer be able to live in isolation.
  4. Deepening ties: Online classes which emerged rapidly during covid-19 has emphasized Parents reach closer to interact with their children’s while completing their online homework.
  5. Easy to share information: From sharing pictures of family functions to making a presence through video calls, audio calls with family members social media does not allow us to feel that we are alone, and we can share our happiness with anyone.


  1. Reduce Family Importance: The excessive and obsessive use of Social media has reduced family importance, consequently leaving alone our loved ones.
  2. Influenced Family Culture: Negative comments of one’s culture in borderless Social media has influenced and invaded family culture.
  3. Isolation from family: Nowadays having personal rooms with devices have had led to isolation from the family members.
  4. Face to Face contact decreases: The advent of new Social media platforms and busy plans have disturbed face-to-face. contact among family members.
  5. Separation from Family Members: Adopting Social media intermediaries platforms in an excessive amount sometimes leads to family separation.


Social SITES strengthens family ties if we use it in a balanced manner. Here we will be exploring the ways to use Social media without hampering relationships with family members.

  1. Hug on Daily Basis: Hug on daily basis reduces stress and helps to strengthen strong connections with our loved ones and give rise to feelings that you are not alone.
  2. Turn off technology devices during interactions: Social media sites should be turned off while interacting with our family members consequently it doesn’t make our family feel like they are being ignored.
  3. Spend Quality time: Visiting picnic spots, having dinner, listening to thoughts, clearing doubts, giving advice on the table with family members builds strong relationships with them, and brings love and affection.
  4. Draw boundaries on social media: Just like food is important for us, in the same way, it is necessary to draw boundaries on Social media for strengthening mental health along with our family members.
  5. Follow-ups: Regular follow-ups either with a physical presence or using Social media will keep you in touch with your family is a great way to build a stronger bond.
  6. Physical Presence: In today’s busy life we hardly get time. We have to mandatory maintain our physical appearance along with using social media, but if sometimes we don’t, then we must make sure that we decide some days in a week that we have to maintain our physical appearance, no matter how much busy we are.

Though social media has both outcomes unfavorable and favorable, if we use it in a best-provided solution we will be able to eliminate all the obstacles that bring disputes between our family relationships.

By adopting all these measures, we can improve our family bonding while using social media at the same time. These all small steps are the must-have and the biggest move in today’s busy schedules.