Merry Christmas



Christmas is a cheerful festival where we celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Christmas is now commemorated by people around the planet, whether they are Christians or not. The popular Christmas customs include decoration, exchanging gifts, surprises, attending church and offering prayers, blessings from Jesus, waiting for Santa to arrive, etc.

Putting together time for your loved ones, family, friends to commemorate Christmas rituals together is precisely what brings the vacations so extraordinary.
Here we will be exploring the best things to do to celebrate Christmas with kids, toddlers, parents, friends, and family members.



  1. SPEND TIME with FAMILY and FRIENDS: Christmas is a joyful celebration without family and friends Christmas celebration is incomplete, make sure that no one is missed, if you know someone alone due to a difficult time or someone without family, include them to enjoy Christmas celebration with you and your family and friends.However, people celebrate this amazing festival with their loved ones but few are deprived of all these such as the orphanage, if you could visit children’s shelters or donate to charity you would be responsible to bring happiness in their life and making them feel that they also have a family.
  2. PRAY AT HOME OR GO TO CHURCH: Offering prayers no matter whether it is home or church, vocal or mentally, depicts the conversation with God by conveying their situations to god, wanting kindness, assistance, aid, and relief. Offering prayers with family members during the auspicious day of Christmas curtailed anxieties, uncertainties in their elegant relationships. When we pray together it demonstrates our togetherness, affection, devotion, and commitment. By submitting prayers we inculcate peace in our minds, keep our hearts centered.
  3. DECORATE YOUR HOME: Decoration of the Christmas tree has special stature and the tree is connected as an emblem of an endless life. Red heart-shaped color balloons add to your Christmas celebrations. Ornamentation of trees with ornaments, bells, lights, ribbons, candles, stars, etc with our loved ones creates a moment of togetherness and makes our bonding stronger. This is the best time to show your art of creativity, skills. You can also prepare Christmas cards to applaud your enjoyment along with wonderful decorations.
  4. BAKE CAKE OR DISHES YOURSELF: Baking cake has unique significance during Christmas when we bake a cake with our family members then the joy of baking a cake becomes even more double. It creates powerful memory and is a wonderful way to strengthen family ties by living amid the learning environment. Through baking, we spent quality time with our loved ones which folds our excitement. Along with cultivating new talents of bringing about the cake we also expand the art of sharing, bestowing, appreciating, the significance of hygiene, time administration, etc.
  5. SURPRISE AND PRESENTS: St. Nicholas (Santa) is a bishop, famous for giving gifts to children during the eve of Christmas so we must surprise our loved ones by giving presents, it does not matter how far you are just like Santa. You must give a gift on Christmas, it does not matter how much the gift is worth, just your love should be shown in it. Specifically, children are very fond of gifts, presents, surprises, if you dress like a Santa and give them gifts they will be very happy because surprises indicate our love, care, feelings, and affection. Adding distribution of gifts to poor people adds extra volume to your kindness.
  6. ORGANISE CHRISTMAS PARTY: Inviting your close ones is one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas, jingle bells are one of the most loved and famous poems among children’s could be sung together is an incredible way to develop memories to make it more wonderful you can also organize lunch and dinner party at home including dance and music. For more fun, you should consider games. The light of Born fire which eradicates darkness is of great significance since history, during Christmas night rounding the born fires, most commonly found, with our loved or close ones enthusiast us and creates a long-lasting memory, specifically children’s are very fond of stories, telling stories adds worth to your Christmas party.

The above-mentioned steps to celebrate Christmas are one of the best ways to commemorate it with our loved ones or close ones, we hope this 2021 Christmas year will bring happiness all over the world. We all should come forward to pledge to contribute to making this Christmas beautiful for poor and marginalized sections. No one should be left deprived of not celebrating this beautiful Christmas.