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‘How to Write Bio in Instagram?’ Made Easy

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This article is about,’ How to Write Bio in Instagram ?’

How to Write Bio in Instagram? It’s very simple, You may include your brief history like, what you do? What are your hobbies? What are your achievements? What experience you have? By Experience, I mean, your life experiences?

How to write a bio in Instagram

What is the meaning of Bio?

‘Bio’ is the short form of biography. It means we need to write some information of ourselves. This section consists details of personal life, not your company profile or product details . Your background.

What should be included in this?

Your personal details like education, country, state, experience. Where are you working now?  What are your achievements? Etc.

Does  Instagram shares your Bio information with your profile ?

No, very clearly they mention, please don’t share product information, we want your personal information in short , and this information , Instagram will not share with your profile .

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Instagram Bio Examples:

“I am ___________ (businessman/profession name). I am ______ old. I love to ____________ (your hobby). I have __________ years experience of _________(your business).”

In this section, business details or promotion links are not expected. I personally recommend, that be genuine and sincere, and you should provide real and authentic details, because, social media is good for the promotion of business but we should be responsible to follow the guidelines of the social media platform.

Can we copy others’ Bio to write ‘Bio in Instagram’?

I feel to laugh, if you copy others , then where will be your bio? I mean, ‘No, we should not copy, we should be original and be what we are?

Does it create any good impression in others view for you?

First thing, this information is not shared with our profile. And one more thing if you are a businessman then your products or service will create an impression not ‘Your bio in Instagram’.

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