Do you know that Sun has Corona? Better understand it

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How Sun’s Corona is different?

If you try to find the existence of life on the surface of the Earth, you may find it everywhere. Life is all around on the Earth, starting from the desert to the deep ocean floor. The Sun is the only reason humans and all other life forms exist on the Earth’s surface. All this has become possible because of the Sun.

All the energy used by the whole living community is part of the Sun itself. Life will remain until the Sun is alive. But do you know that the Sun has corona? Yes, our Sun has corona, but it is not the disease that people suffer these days. It is the outermost part of our Sun’s atmosphere.

Sun’s Corona

Every planet in our solar system and the Sun also has an outer garment of gases, called the atmosphere. Sun’s atmosphere has two main parts: the inner part is the chromosphere, and the outer region is the corona. The corona region is super hot compared to the visible surface of the Sun, and it defines the ending of the Sun’s atmosphere, but it doesn’t have an upper limit.

It is given the name of corona because of its similar appearance to a crown. 

Can we see Corona of the Sun

The corona region of the Sun is not visible to us during the daytime, not even using sophisticated cameras and filters. However, it is not suggested to directly look at the Sun because it will burn our retina and make us blind. So to take a photo of the Sun’s corona, we take the help of eclipses. During eclipses, the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun and blocks the brighter central region of the Sun, and then using specialized pieces of equipment (coronagraph), we can take a photo of it. 

One question may arise: the corona region has extremely high temperatures, so why it is not so bright.

The answer to this question can be given in terms of density. Since the gas cloud is covering the Sun’s outer surface, it is spread over a vast region and so its density is significantly less, which causes it to have a lower brightness. The main question here is why it is so hot, and it is a mystery.

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