Optimistic side of Covid-19

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Optimistic side of Covid-19

Today each one of us in every nook and cranny of the globe is witnessing the darkest chapter of our history books. This issue came into serious limelight when the WHO declared Covid-19 as a pandemic. Did we ever dream of such an unpredictable phase in our lives or that of future generations?
Today we find the world’s economy, job opportunities, education system, migrant workers, and many more sectors crashing down on their knees.
India- a country which was in her fast pace of development is now lagging behind. Indians being the worst hit population from across the world faces the pandemic along with humanitarian crisis.

Covid -19 will go a long way in creating an impact on our lives. The world is paralyzed in most of its sectors, every individual is restricted to a world of norms that will regulate their lives until the situation returns to normalcy.


But does this mean that we cringe at the situation and get back to our shell? Certainly not, this is a challenging time for everyone, all across the globe to stand strong and set an example to those around us.
How frequently do we check up on ourselves during the day’s hectic schedule? I’m sure not really often. So here’s the opportunity to make the most of this unexpected phase, to be the change by reflecting on ourselves and spreading positivity in every possible way.

Instead of focusing more on the negative aspects of the situation, let’s reconstruct the optimist side of Covid-19, by demolishing our fears and negativity. Here are a few areas that can help us live a happy life during these tough times .


The only possible way one can overcome this time of trial is to master the art of knowing oneself, controlling the mind, and pushing yourself to the peak of accomplishing your zeal. As the youth of today let’s offer love to those around us in this time when virtual reality is inaction by spreading smiles to those around and helping those in utmost need.


The practice of meditation helps one to keep control of their thoughts. This process is not easily accomplished, as it is rightly said “Practice makes one perfect”. Meditation can initially lead a person’s ideal mind to the pathway of negativity, but as time passes one learns to have strong control over their negative thoughts and emotions.

Meditation gives one the leeway to act and analyse and reflect on their thoughts. While meditating, one needs to pay attention to the process of their breath.

A person’s shallow breathing could be the symptoms of the mind not being at ease or a raise in one’s anxiety level. On the other hand, controlled and concentrated breathing could be a sign that the person’s mind is focused. Breath-work can be described as a pathway that is beyond one’s life moving into the conscious aspect of life.

A wandering mind may mostly have negative thoughts, thus it is necessary for one to realize the level of their thought process by striking a balance between peace and the mind’s internal conflict.


Being grateful for small things creates a tremendous impact in one’s life. Gratitude plays an important role by strengthening relationships, having sound mental health, and having a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. A sense of gratification towards a person’s kindness speaks volumes of our sense of self by reflecting on our generosity and making them realize their worth in our life.

Training our mind to reflect gratitude towards another living being helps us reduce our jealously and bitterness which is heavy baggage carried by each one of us. Gratitude has come a long way by keeping every chronic disease and emotion behind. Each one of us is so deeply rooted in our materialistic desires that we are barely grateful for the small things which help us sustain our living.

This is a time for each one of us to reflect on ourselves and our fellow beings rather than being caught up by the chains of our material wealth and desire.

Building relationships

Down the years most of us were so caught up in the vicious cycle of work and fulfilling our earthly desires that we would pay no heed to our family situation. This pandemic has given each of us time to reflect on our fast-paced life to slow down and spend some quality time with our loved ones.

Simple gestures such as having our meals together, praying together, and sharing our woes will help us gradually strengthen our bonds.

Finally it’s our take as to how we can reconstruct our prized possession- time into something more worthy and unleash our inner potential.
As it is rightly said, “Every drop of water makes the ocean”, let the change start from “You” to nurture yourself and the whole of mankind by spreading smiles and leaving every chronic behind.

It’s never too late to start a new chapter, to reflect, grow and get everything thought corrected by illuminating every possibility. Though this is one of the darkest years in the history of the world, let’s hope for a ray of light at the end of this dark tunnel.


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